Ervine Sheblatzm – Paul, Multiverse Theory, & the Inner Soul

Prof Dr. Ervine Sheblatzm

Episode: Brace yourself for a celestial journey through the letters of Paul, the Multiverse, and the inner soul. Prof Ervine Sheblatzm sits down with OnScript host Matt Lynch to discuss his recent book The Apostle Paul, Multiverse Theory, and the Journey of the Inner Soul (2018). If you enjoy science, biblical studies, or both, and want to learn how they all fit together in what Prof Sheblatzm calls ‘the eternal conglomeration,’ this episode is for you! As Ervine is so fond of saying, ‘The way to your soul’s song is in the givenness of multiversality, and no one understood this better than Paul.’

Guest: According to his website, Prof Sheblatzm holds doctorates in Physics and Theology from ‘recognized institutions,’ and has won awards of various sorts. He runs a research facility in the Lakes District in the UK with his friend Dave (and his cats), and caries out extensive research online. His primary areas of research include multiverse theory and the epistles of Paul, but he also conducts research in paleo-archaeology, cosmology, and metaphorism. He lists ‘life coaching’ and ‘people watching’ among his various hobbies.

Book: Prof Sheblatzm’s recent publication The Apostle Paul, Multiverse Theory, and the Journey of the Inner Soul (2018) explores Paul’s reference to ‘the third heaven’ (2 Cor 12:2), Multiverse Theory, and the ‘inner human landscape.’ His theory is at once simple and complex, and as he puts it, ‘dazzles and delights’ both ‘scientist and theologist.’ The book includes a number of endorsements.

Contributions: Special thanks to Ed Hatke for producing this episode, to Carl Palmer* for his creative contributions, and to Douglas Horch and Teegla for introducing us to Prof Sheblatzm. Thanks also to Tommy Moehlman for marketing and media assistance.

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*Carl Palmer played Prof Sheblatzm for this April Fools’ Day episode.


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