Excavating the Borderlands (Tel Burna) – Chris McKinny

Episode: Chris McKinny sits down with Kyle Keimer to discuss the Tel Burna Archaeological Project, where he’s been digging for over a decade. This important borderland site of biblical Libnah offers some important insights into historical Judah.

They discuss the following topics:
– The identification of Tel Burna with biblical Libnah
– The Canaanite cultic remains found at Tel Burna
– The Judahite fortress and gate with destructions from the 10th (Shishak?), 8th (Sennacherib), and early 6th centuries (Nebuchadnezzar) BC

Links: Tel Burna Archaeological Project; Itzick Shai’s (Tel Burna director) academia page

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The Lady of Burna

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  1. Jared Hay

    Chris, your comments in relation to surveys reminded me of the saying of an old friend who was WWII Lt Col – Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom, if ever, wasted!!

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