Sodom and Gomorrah and the Cities on the Plain (pt 1) – Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer

Episode: A recent report – published in the very prestigious journal Nature – argued that the site of Tall al-Hammam and other sites in its vicinity were destroyed by an “airburst event” around 1650 BCE. The underlying assumption of the article is that Tall al-Hammam is the site of Sodom and that the “airburst event” relates to the destruction of the cities of the Plain mentioned in Genesis 19. For a number of reasons, this article has been severely criticized for its handling of pictorial evidence, as well disagreements in interpretation regarding the archaeological data. For example, see here In this episode, Chris and Kyle examine a more fundamental question – is Tall al-Hammam Sodom? This is part one in this series – covering much of the “background” details connected with Sodom and the cities of the Plain. The next part will cover the geographic details in Genesis itself. We have provided several maps for visualizing the discussion.

Hosts: Chris McKinny (Geshur Media) and Kyle Keimer (Macquarie University)

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