Archaeology of Passion Week (pt 2) – Kyle Keimer & Chris McKinny

Episode: This episode is part-two of the three-part series on the archaeology of Passion Week. Chris and Kyle take a detailed look at how archaeological finds in Jerusalem can help us better situate and understand the events of this fateful week. They delve into the Gospel of John, the Last Supper, and Jesus’ trials.

Hosts: Chris and Kyle

Summary: Chris and Kyle discuss the following topics:
– Archaeology and the Gospel of John—the pools of Siloam and Bethesda
– The Garden of Gethsemane
– The room of the last supper
– Jesus’ Jewish and Roman trials
– Herod’s palace
– The Praetorium and Gabatha
– The Via Dolorosa.

Resources: Archaeology of the Passion Week BibliographyArchaeology of Passion Week Visuals (pt 2).

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Image by Heather Truett from Pixabay

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