Architecture of the City of David – Chris McKinny & Mary Buck

Hosts: Mary Buck (Shepherd’s Seminary) and Chris McKinny (Gesher Media)

Summary: In this episode, Mary and Chris discuss the following:
– The topography of ancient Jerusalem.
– The history of research related to the “Millo” in Jerusalem (Judg 9:6, 20; 2 Sam 5:9; 1 Kgs 9:15, 24; 11:27; 2 Kgs 12:20; 1 Chr 11:8; 2 Chr 32:5).
– The archaeology of the City of David and the Spring Tower.
– The identification of the Millo/House of Millo with the Spring Tower fortifications based on a new suggestion by Chris McKinny, Aharon Tavger, Nahshon Szanton, and Joe Uziel.
– The narrative implications of the Gihon Spring (1 Kgs 1:33, 38, 45), ṣinnor (2 Sam 5:8), and the Millo/Spring Tower being the same location.

Additional Resources: Haaretz article on the Radiocarbon project of Uziel and Gadot; BiblePlaces “Warren’s Shaft” 

Photo by Yoav Dothan – Own work, Public Domain,

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