Biblical Geography – The Missing Ingredient

Episode: What happens when we ignore the physical settings of the Bible? In this episode, Biblical World co-hosts explore the significance of the land for biblical interpretation. We journey to Shechem, Nahal Besor, and the end of the Jordan River to discover the historical and theological significance of geographical locations for biblical interpreters. We also discuss some helpful resources for understanding the geography of the Bible.

Co-hosts: Chris McKinny, Amy Balogh, Kyle Keimer

Mentioned in this episode:
1. The Sacred Bridge: Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World

Tell Balata / Shechem

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Photo attribution: Jordan River Aerial by W. Robert Moore – The National Geographic Magazine, Dec. 1938, Public Domain,

Tell Balata/Shechem – By TrickyH, Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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