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  • The Alleged Isaiah Seal – Christopher Rollston
    Episode: We discuss the alleged Isaiah Bulla (clay seal impression) with one of the finest epigraphers in the field. The seal was found by the Temple Mount in 2009 by Eilat Mazar, and first announced in Biblical Archaeology Review last month (February, 2018). Matt L. and Dru J. discuss the find with Prof. Christopher Rollston, who urges caution […]
  • The History and Archaeology of Christmas (Part 2) – Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer
    Episode: In part 2 of this series, Kyle and Chris discuss additional historical and archaeological aspects associated with the origin stories of Jesus as seen in Matthew and Luke. They discuss the archaeological background and traditions associated with the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. They also explain a number of other historical background elements […]
  • The History and Archaeology of Christmas (Part 1) – Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer
    Episode: Chris and Kyle talk about the archaeology and historical context of Christmas. They try not to be Grinches. This is part 1 of a two part series. Hosts: Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer. Give: Help support OnScript’s Biblical World HERE. Thanks to all of you who have supported us! Image by by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
  • Encountering Jesus in the Real World of the Gospels – Cyndi Parker
    Episode: Cyndi Parker speaks with Lynn Cohick about what it means to understand Jesus in his own cultural, political, social, and religious contexts. Guest: Dr. Cyndi Parker, author of Encountering Jesus in the Real World of the Gospels (Hendrickson, 2021). Dr. Parker lived in Jerusalem for five years and currently teaches courses about the geographical, cultural, religious, and […]
  • The Maccabees and Hasmonean Expansion into Galilee – Andrea Berlin
    Episode: In this episode Chris and Kyle speak with Andrea Berlin about the Hasmonean expansion in the Galilee. The bigger historical picture is discussed, along with how to integrate text and archaeology. Andrea speaks about her work at Tel Anafa and Tel Qedesh and how the results at these two sites have helped to illuminate […]
  • A Week in the Life of a Greco-Roman Woman and Ephesian Man – Holly Beers and David deSilva
    Episode: Holly Beers and David deSilva discuss life in the first century with Biblical World host Lynn Cohick. Holly and David both wrote novels that explore life on the ground in Ephesus, giving readers a unique opportunity to experience Paul’s world in a very personal way. Today we discuss Holly’s book A Week in the Life […]
  • Nomadism and Architectural Bias in Archaeology – Erez Ben-Yosef
    Episode: In this episode, Kyle and Chris interview Erez Ben-Yosef (Tel Aviv University) concerning his work on the 11th through 9th century BC copper industry in the Arabah of Israel and Jordan. The discoveries of the last decade or so – in Timna and in Feinan – have revolutionized our understanding of ancient Edom and […]
  • Halloween Special! Death in Ancient Israel with Matt Suriano
    Episode: In this special Halloween OnCrypt Biblical World episode Chris and Kyle speak with Matt Suriano about Israelite mortuary belief along with Matt’s work on the Jerusalem necropolis in Silwan (east, southeast of the Old City). Matt discusses elite and royal burial customs in ancient Israel as he articulates why ancestors were important and what […]
  • The Urim and Thumim – Doug Bookman
    Episode: For this episode of the OnScript Biblical World podcast, co-host Mary Buck is joined by Dr. Doug Bookman, Professor of Bible Exegesis at Shepherds Theological Seminary. Though Dr. Bookman‘s research extends across a variety of topics including the Life of Christ and church perspectives of Israel in his recent book Forsaking Israel, his dissertation was focused on the topic […]
  • Cabul in the days of Solomon – Kyle Keimer with Chris McKinny
    Episode: In this episode Kyle and Chris discuss Kyle’s work on Galilee in the book of Kings, and specifically, the site Cabul mentioned in 1 Kings 9. Kyle discusses fortifications in the Solomonic era, site identification, the historicity of Hiram of Tyre, Guardians of the Galaxy, and much more. Hosts: Kyle and Chris. Give: Help support […]
  • The Amarna Letters – Mary Buck and Chris McKinny
    Episode Summary: Arguably one of the greatest textual discoveries from the Ancient Near East, the Amarna Letters provide an unparalleled window into the period of international relations in the Late Bronze Age. Co-hosts Chris McKinny and Mary Buck discuss the discovery of these texts, and work through a selection of letters that showcase how great […]
  • The Mesha Stele – Mary Buck and Chris McKinny
    Episode Summary: Perhaps one of the most famous texts from the Ancient Near East, the Mesha Stele, also known as the Moabite Stone, provides an important corollary from the Iron Age for the historicity of the Bible. Co-hosts Chris McKinny and Mary Buck discuss the wild discovery of this text in the 1800s, read the […]
  • Navigating Ancient Near Eastern Texts – Mary Buck and Chris McKinny
    Episode: In this inaugural episode of a new series entitled “Texts from the Ancient Near East,” co-hosts Mary Buck and Chris McKinny provide an introduction to the languages and writing in the ancient world. This includes a review of some of the most important languages of the Ancient Near East (e.g., Middle Egyptian, Phoenician, Akkadian, […]
  • An Archaeological Life – Eric Cline
    Episode: In this engaging conversation, Mark and Kyle chat with Eric Cline about his life as an archaeologist and about public archaeology—making scholarship approachable—and why it is important for scholars to engage with the interested public. We draw upon a number of Eric’s recent publications to highlight how this dialogue is possible and how it […]
  • Digging Up Israel’s Past – Cynthia Shafer-Elliott
    Episode: We’re going back to the dirt in this episode with Cynthia Shafer-Elliott. We talk about bee hives, the Daniel diet, Ezekiel bread, gender & archaeology, and why Cynthia is willing to get up at 4am for weeks at a time each summer. This is a republished episode. Guest: Cynthia Shafer-Elliott is Associate Dean and Associate […]

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