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  • Jesus and Jezreel – Paul Wright
    Episode: Oliver Hersey (president of Jerusalem University College) speaks with his predecessor Paul Wright, who has lived and breathed the land of the Bible. They discuss Jesus and Jezreel, the Old Testament stories Jesus would’ve known as he overlooked the Jezreel, and much much more! Guest: Dr. Paul Wright (Ph.D., Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of […]
  • How Did Biblical Writers Access The Past? Daniel Pioske
    Episode: In this episode Matt Lynch sits down with Dan Pioske to talk about the way we know about ancient Israel. Most scholars have been so text-based in their assumptions about memory transmission in the ancient world. They assume that texts & docs were the main way knowledge was preserved. Pioske suggests that there’s another major […]
  • Wave Nunnally – Israel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and the Dead Sea Scrolls
    Episode:  This episode takes you on a wild ride through the land of the Bible, the world of Josephus, into the ER after crashed planes, by the Dead Sea, and includes encounters with Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, and a fire-breathing dragon. Brace yourself! This episode is republished from OnScript podcast. Guest: Dr. Wave Nunnally is Professor […]
  • Egypt and the Bible (part 2): Mark Janzen and Chris McKinny
    Episode: This is the second in a multi-part series on Egypt and the Bible. Mark and Chris discuss Israel in Egypt, evidence of Egyptian influences in the Bible, Israel in Goshen, the early chapters of exodus, and none other than Moses himself. Hosts: Mark Janzen and Chris McKinny Give: Visit our Donate Page if you want to support the ongoing […]
  • Sodom and Gomorrah and the Cities on the Plain (pt 2): Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer
    Episode: For part 1 see here. In this episode, we (Chris and Kyle) get into the biblical and geographical details connected with locating Sodom and the Cities of the Plain. We continue to argue for the traditional position that the cities of the Plain are to be located in the southern basin of the Dead Sea […]
  • Egypt and the Bible (Part 1) – Mark Janzen and Chris McKinny
    Episode: This is the first in a multi-part series on Egypt and the Bible. Mark and Chris discuss the visits of the Hebrew patriarchs in Egypt. They focus especially on the presence of Semites in Egypt and the plausibility of the story of Joseph Hosts: Mark Janzen and Chris McKinny Give: Visit our Donate Page if you want to support […]
  • Newly Discovered Lead Tablet on Mt. Ebal – A Roundtable Discussion
    Episode:In this episode – several of the co-hosts (Oliver Hersey, Mark Janzen, Kyle Keimer, and Chris McKinny) discuss the recent announcement of the discovery of a lead tablet from Mount Ebal that potentially dates to the end of the Late Bronze Age and/or Early Iron Age and purportedly mentions the divine name – YHW (i..e, […]
  • Geography of Judges (part 2): Giants Episode – Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer
    Episode: In episode 2 of the series “Geography of Judges,” Chris and Kyle talk about “Giants in Judges” in connection with the giants of Hebron mentioned in Judges 1:8–15. They also discuss the archaeological background of the fortifications of Hebron. Hosts: Chris McKinny is a Research Fellow with Gesher Media. Passionate about the archaeology, history, and […]
  • Bedouin Culture in the Bible – Clinton Bailey
     Episode: Dru Johnson talks with Clinton Bailey about how he ended up living with Bedouins in the Negev, their law, gender practices, and poetry. His most recent book, Bedouin Culture in the Bible (Yale University Press, 2019), examines and explains practices, poetry, and laws from the Hebrew Bible’s own bedouin roots (according to the […]
  • Jason Staples – The Idea of Israel in Second Temple Judaism
    Episode: Lynn Cohick speaks with Jason Staples about concepts of Israel, Judaism, and Jewishness that emerged in the Second Temple period, and their implications for understanding the early Judaism. Staples challenges prevailing ideas about Jewish identity around the turn of the Common Era. Guest: Jason Staples is Assistant Professor in the College of Humanities and […]
  • Lachish Letters – Chris McKinny and Mary Buck
    Episode: Co-hosts Chris McKinny and Mary Buck discuss the discovery of the Lachish Letters (or Lachish Ostraca), and work through several example texts to help you understand their content and significance. Hosts: Chris McKinny and Mary Buck Series: STANE – “Special” Texts of the Ancient Near East. See our Amarna Letters, Mesha Stele and Introductory episodes in the same series. […]
  • Sodom and Gomorrah and the Cities on the Plain (pt 1) – Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer
    Episode: A recent report – published in the very prestigious journal Nature – argued that the site of Tall al-Hammam and other sites in its vicinity were destroyed by an “airburst event” around 1650 BCE. The underlying assumption of the article is that Tall al-Hammam is the site of Sodom and that the “airburst event” relates to the […]
  • Under Jerusalem – Andrew Lawler
    Episode: What lies beneath Jerusalem? Join Kyle and Chris as they interview Andrew Lawler about his excellent and exciting new book Under Jerusalem: the Buried History of the World’s Most Contested City (also available via as an audio book). In this interview, we discuss a variety of issues that Lawler covers in his book – he also gives some […]
  • Lawson Younger – Arameans and Assyrians
     Episode: In this episode Mark and Chris talk with Dr. K. Lawson Younger (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) about the Contextual Approach and its benefits for interpreting Scripture with caution required to avoid the paradoxical dangers of “parallelomania” and “parallelophobia.” Dr. Younger is an Assyriologist who also specializes on the Arameans, so naturally they had […]
  • Geography of Judges (part 1) – Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer
    Episode: Who was Adoni-bezek? (Judges 1:1–7) Geography in Judges is a new series where hosts Kyle and Chris (sometimes with friends) will discuss historical geographical and archaeological issues that arise in the Book of Judges. This weeks discussion is on the enigmatic character of Adoni-bezek (Judges 1:1–7). Who was he? Where was he from? What […]

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