Encountering Jesus in the Real World of the Gospels – Cyndi Parker

Episode: Cyndi Parker speaks with Lynn Cohick about what it means to understand Jesus in his own cultural, political, social, and religious contexts.

Guest: Dr. Cyndi Parker, author of Encountering Jesus in the Real World of the Gospels (Hendrickson, 2021). Dr. Parker lived in Jerusalem for five years and currently teaches courses about the geographical, cultural, religious, and political context of the Bible at Jerusalem University College. She has led over forty trips in Israel, and she continues to develop innovative educational trips to Israel, seeking to inspire students of all ages through experiential education. Her research interests include biblical views of Place, Biblical History and Geography, and the correlation between Theology and Ecology (with a particular interest in Food Justice). She is the owner of www.NarrativeofPlace.com, and the host of the Context Matters and Israel Bible podcasts.

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