Erica Ferg – Geography and Religion in the Eastern Mediterranean

Episode: In this episode, Amy speaks with Prof. Erica Ferg (Regis University) about the impact of geography on the religious history of the Eastern Mediterranean, including the Baal Cycle from Ugarit and the biblical story of Elijah. Erica’s research focuses on the agricultural communities of the Levant and the lived experiences that shaped how people viewed the religious traditions of the biblical world in the pre-modern era, which is the subject of her book Geography, Religion, Gods, and Saints in the Eastern Mediterranean (Routledge, 2020). This is part 2 of our series, “New Perspectives on the Bible and Nature”.

Guest: (From the Regis Univ. website) Dr. Erica Ferg is Associate Professor of Liberal Arts and Religious Studies at Regis University. Her research focuses on Mediterranean comparative religion, comparative linguistics, and archaeoastronomy. Prior to academia, Erica was a Persian linguist in the United States Air Force. Erica’s first book, Geography, Religion, Gods, and Saints in the Eastern Mediterranean, was published in paperback in January 2022 by Routledge. Erica currently is at work on her second book, entitled Starry NightsA Celestial History of Religion in the Mediterranean.

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