Excavating Judah in the Time of Philistines – Kyle Keimer

Episode: In this episode Chris and Kyle discuss the archaeology of Khirbet er-Ra‘i/Arai, a small site in the southern part of Israel that dates from the end of the Late Bronze Age into the early Iron Age IIA (ca. 13th-10th c. BC). This site is proving to be exceptional for this time period and appears to be the key site in the region, having taken over this role from the nearby site of Lachish following its destruction in the mid-/late-12th c. BC. Specific finds, including the recent Jerubba’al inscription, as well as the ancient name of the site are also covered. Chris and Kyle discuss whether or not Arai was biblical Ziklag.

Hosts: Kyle Keimer (MacQuarie University) and Chris McKinny (Geshur Media)

Detail: Chris and Kyle discuss the following topics:
– The archaeology of Khirbet Arai; the Iron Age I context of the site
– identity/ethnicity of, and cultural interaction between Canaanites, Philistines, and Israelites
– the early Iron Age chronology debate; Dating the arrival of the Sea Peoples/Philistines
– the recently discovered Jerubba’al inscription
– the ancient name of Khirbet Arai—is it biblical Ziklag?

More information about Khirbet El-Rai.

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