Five Views on the Exodus (pt 3) – Gary Rendsburg

Episode: This is part 3 of our 5 part look at five views on the exodus from Egypt. In this episode, Gary Rendsburg presents the 12th century BC view.

Hosts: Mark Janzen (Louisiana College) and Chris McKinny (Gesher Media)

Guest: Gary A. Rendsburg (Rutgers University)

Summary: In this episode, Mark and Chris interview Gary Rendsburg about the following:
The Egyptian evidence for the Israelite Exodus
“Egyptianisms” in the Pentateuch
The historicity of the Exodus events and its importance to the Old Testament as a whole
The importance of the Exodus to Jewish and Christian believes and its connection to Passover and Easter

Additional Resources: 2021 Janzen, Mark (ed.). Five Views of the Exodus. Zondervan; Gary Rendsburg’s publication page

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One Reply to “Five Views on the Exodus (pt 3) – Gary Rendsburg”

  1. Todd Moore

    Since you included a “late late” view in the book, I wish you had also included an “early early” view. This would include the views of those who don’t necessarily think Thiele based chronology is correct and/or that 1Kings 6:1 (“480 years”) necessarily includes the entirety of the time of the Judges. For example, I would say it likely no coincidence that the LXX “440 years” may very well correspond to what might be characterized as the autonomous years when Israel was not in oppression/bondage during the time of the Judges. It is more than possible to see the exodus reflected Biblically and historically prior to the mid-15th century.

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