Five Views on the Exodus (pt 5) – Peter Feinman

Episode: This is part 5 in our look at views on the Exodus from Egypt. In this episode, Chris and Kyle speak with Peter Feinman about the Levite-Hyksos view. Peter Feinman is the author of The Exodus: An Egyptian Story

Hosts: Mark Janzen (Louisiana College) and Chris McKinny (Gesher Media)

Summary: In this episode, Mark and Chris interview Peter Feinman about the following:
– The Egyptian evidence for the Israelite Exodus
– The Hyksos and their possible connection to the Exodus
– The importance of the Exodus to Jewish and Christian believes and its connection to Passover and Easter

Additional Resources: 2021 Janzen, Mark (ed.). Five Views of the Exodus. Zondervan

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