Karnak and Egyptology – Mark Janzen

Episode: This episode discusses whether it’s possible to recover scenes from the Israel/Merneptah Stele, as well as cutting edge technology at Karnak, Egypt.

Hosts: Chris McKinny (Gesher Media) and Mark Janzen (Louisiana College) 

Summary: In this episode, Chris and Mark discuss the following:
becoming an Egyptologist and the role of Egyptology in biblical studies;
Karnak Temple – the most impressive surviving building of the ancient world;
the Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project;
imaging and epigraphy on the exterior of the west wall of the Cour de la Cachette (Merneptah’s battle scenes);
the relationship between the wall reliefs of Cour de la Cachette and the Israel/Merneptah Stele (c. 1208 BC)

Additional Resources: Great Hypostyle Hall Project; Discussion of Cour de la Cachette (Merneptah); Digital Karnak UCLA; BiblePlaces Karnak Temple; Israelite Origins article 2020 by Rendsburg; Battle of Kadesh and World’s First Peace Treaty

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