Kristine Garroway – Growing Up in Ancient Israel

Episode: What do we know about children in ancient Israel, about who they were, the lives they led, and the people in their lives? Kristine Garroway is at the forefront of a new interest in the lives of children, and she draws on insights from comparative Ancient Near Eastern literature, archaeology, and the biblical text to help us get to know them better.

Guest:  Dr. Kristine Garroway is Professor of Bible at Hebrew Union College, at the LA campus. She’s excavated at Ashkelon, Tel Dor, and Tel Dan, and is the author of Children in the Ancient Near Eastern Household (Eisenbrauns 2014) and Growing up in Ancient Israel (SBL 2018), and has another book forthcoming, The Cult of the Child: The Death and Burial of Children in Ancient Israel (OUP). Growing Up in Ancient Israel won the BAR 2019 Publication Award for Best Book Relating to the Hebrew Bible.

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