Kyle Keimer – Hezekiah Prepares for War

Episode: Biblical World co-host Kyle Keimer discusses his research on King Hezekiah’s preparations for the Assyrian attack in 701 BCE. How do archaeologists determine the nature and extent of Hezekiah’s defensive network? Did the Judeans use fire signals? How did the king prepare for war (and pay for it)? Listen in for a fascinating discussion of Keimer’s archaeological, biblical, and geographical thoughts on this crucial event in Judah’s history.

Guest: Kyle Keimer is Senior Research Fellow in the Department of History and Archaeology at Macquarie University, where he was Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, History, and Language of Ancient Israel. He also lectures at Jerusalem University College. For over 20 years he has been excavating in Israel and Cyprus and was co-director of the Khirbet el-Rai excavations. He loves digging as much as he loves working with ancient texts, especially the books of 1-2 Samuel and Isaiah. His research currently focuses on the early Israelite monarchy in text and archaeology. He’s co-edited Registers and Modes of Communication in the Ancient Near East (Routledge) and The Ancient Israelite World (Routledge), and he’s published articles in various journals. His UCLA Ph.D. dissertation was on “The Socioeconomic Impact of Hezekiah’s Preparations for Rebellion.”

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