Media Relations

OnScript interviews are granted on the basis of an invitation by the hosts. However if you would like your new biblical studies book to be considered for a future OnScript episode, please arrange for a physical copy of your book to be sent to the following:

For Old Testament (and related literature):

Matthew J. Lynch, Ph.D. (for OnScript)
Regent College
5800 University Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
V6T 2E4

For New Testament (and related literature):

Matthew W. Bates, Ph.D. (for OnScript)
Associate Professor of Theology
1800 College Ave.
Quincy University
Quincy, IL 62301


We generally review academic titles that advance scholarship rather than popular titles, although occasionally we cover the latter. If your book fits into both OT and NT, then just choose whichever is most suitable (or you can send a copy to both addresses).

We apologize that we are unable to acknowledge the receipt of individual book titles that have been sent to us. If your book is selected for an interview, one of the hosts will contact you within a year of the book’s receipt. If it is not selected, you will receive no notification. Unfortunately books which are not selected cannot be returned to the author or to the publisher.

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