• Jenny Matheny – The Violence of Judges and Ruth’s Response

    Episode: What happens if you read Ruth and Judges together? What might Ruth say to the violence against women in Judges? Jenny Matheny discusses these questions and more (like how not […]

  • Lisa Powell – The Disabled God

    Episode: Lisa Powell discusses the Trinity and eschatological body through the lens of disability. The episode discusses insights from her book The Disabled God Revisited (T&T Clark). Guest: Lisa Powell is Professor […]

  • Erin Raffety – From Inclusion to Justice

    Episode: In this episode, co-host Amy Hughes speaks with Erin Raffety about her ethnographic and practical theological research into what it looks like for congregations to move away from an “inclusion” model for people with […]

  • Matthew Novenson – Paul, Then and Now

    Episode: Erin sits down with Matthew Novenson for a lively conversation on the weirdness of Paul, theological and historical approaches, first-century Judaism, and a range of other topics covered in […]

  • Wolf Gruner – Jewish Resistance in Hitler’s Germany

    Episode: Gruner’s work explores the lives of ordinary Jewish people who lived in Nazi Germany and resisted persecution. From defacing Nazi symbols to bold defiance Gruner explores the complex and fraught […]

  • Matt Lynch – Flood and Fury (on Old Testament Violence)

    Episode: Chris Tilling talks with Matt Lynch about Old Testament violence. They take a deep dive into … the flood story in Genesis then traverse the Promised Land to consider the […]

  • Stanley Porter and Bryan Dyer – Origins of New Testament Christology

    Episode: Who is this man? Questions about Jesus are fascinating and perennial. Stanley Porter and Bryan Dyer team up to explore how the New Testament deployed diverse traditions–Jesus as passover […]

  • Ted Smith – The End of Theological Education

    Episode: “We’re in the midst of an unraveling”. So argues Ted Smith about the shift in the ways that people relate and the end of theological education as it’s typically conceived. […]

  • Brandon Smith – The Trinity in the Book of Revelation

    Episode: Revelation is a mysterious book, shrouded in symbol and rich in Old Testament allusions. What does it mean for our present and future? And more importantly, what does it […]

  • Kyle Keimer – Hezekiah Prepares for War

    Episode: Biblical World co-host Kyle Keimer discusses his research on King Hezekiah’s preparations for the Assyrian attack in 701 BCE. How do archaeologists determine the nature and extent of Hezekiah’s defensive […]

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