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  • Mark and Luke Glanville – Refuge Reimagined

    Episode: Mark and Luke Glanville bring their unique areas of expertise in biblical studies and international relations to bear on the pressing global refugee crisis. This episode covers everything from […]

  • Mike Bird & Scott Harrower – Trinity Without Hierarchy

    Episode: While there is nothing new drama over the Trinity, there has been quite the kerfuffle in evangelical circles about the subordination of the Son in recent years. In this […]

  • Wil Gafney – Womanist Midrash

    There are 111 named women in the Old Testament. But they're often unknown and ignored. In this episode Wil Gafney reintroduces us to women we thought we knew and introduces those we never knew. We discuss the sanctified imagination, Midrashic interpretation, womanist approaches to scripture, Queen mothers, army chaplaincy, and much more from her book Womanist Midrash (WJK Press).

  • John Behr – Origen and the Early Church, Pt 2

    Live from Nashotah House, WI (3rd year running), here's part 2 of our interview with Fr John Behr. Amy Brown Hughes talks with Fr John Behr about Origen and all things Patristic. In addition to more of the interview, we've got some Q&A in this episode. If you missed Part 1, visit HERE. This is a re-broadcast from 2019. 

  • John Behr – Origen and the Early Church, Pt 1

    Live from Nashotah House, WI (3rd year running), we've got a two-part interview. Amy Brown Hughes talks with Fr John Behr about Origen and all things Patristic. This episode requires theological safety gear, helmet, orange cones, ... everything. This is a rebroadcast from 2019.

  • Garrick Allen – Manuscripts and All that other Stuff on the Page (Paratexts)

    Episode: Dru Johnson talks with Garrick Allen about his ongoing research project to investigate the paratexts of biblical manuscripts, how these help us to understand reception and biblical theologies, and […]

  • Jemar Tisby – The Color of Compromise

    Episode: In this episode Erin hosts Jemar Tisby, who is the founder and CEO of The Witness: A Black Christian Collective ( and author of the New York Times bestseller […]

  • Jeremy Schipper – Black Samson

    Episode: Biblical Samson offered a powerful way of focusing and communicating the struggle, opportunities, and challenge of life for African Americans throughout U.S. history. From the prophesies of his parents […]

  • Richard Rice – The Future of Open Theism

    Episode: The upstart theological movement called open theism is coming of age. It’s time to reassess its possibilities, promises, and perils. One of the founders of open theism, Richard Rice, […]

  • Kevin Grasso – Christ-Faith in Paul’s Letters

    The debate as to whether the phrase πίστiς Χριστοῦ should be translated as "faith in Christ" (objective genitive) or the faithfulness of the Christ (subjective genitive) seems interminable. In an important new journal article, Kevin Grasso claims to have entirely disproven the viability of the objective genitive as traditionally understood. Meanwhile, he claims that a third-way solution ("Christ-faith" is better evidenced grammatically, while it also makes good theological sense of aspects of the subjective interpretation.



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