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  • Justo González – Prayer in the Early Church and Today

    "Our Father, who is in heaven..." These words and the rest of the Lord's Prayer are so familiar. They remind us to seek God, draw us into communal prayer with the church, and bring comfort. However, while we repeat words we cherish, sometimes this familiarity becomes distance. In this episode, co-host Amy Hughes talks with Dr. Justo González about his new book Teach Us To Pray: The Lord’s Prayer in the Early Church and Today (Eerdmans, 2020). Let us come to the Lord's Prayer anew, without fear and with new understanding. 

  • Chris Green – Sanctifying Interpretation

    Chris Green is on the show to talk about how God is not saving us from interpretation, but through it - a process that can be "soul harrowing and purgative." Chris talks about problematic and more helpful models of Scripture and its interpretation, his appreciation for George MacDonald, approaches to troublesome texts, and we even have a brief poetry reading from the poetry collection Bigly. All these things and more await you in this one jam-packed episode on the second edition of his Sanctifying Interpretation.

  • Erin Heim – Resurrection and the #metoo movement (part II)

    Episode: Erin Heim and Dru Johnson discuss part II of Erin’s paper “Resurrection and the #MeToo Movement,” which is part of a larger project that Erin is working on as […]

  • A.J. Culp – Memoir of Moses

    How is memory made and maintained in a community? Moreover, how can a community remember something they never witnessed? A. J. Culp walks us through recent turns in memory theory to explore how Deuteronomy, as a piece of literature, instantiates and reifies memory in Israel. We address misconceptions of memory as individualistic, how literature can form memory, and the use of memory for social identity. For Christians and Jews, the implications for their tradition's rituals and sacraments are manifest.

  • R. T. Mullins & Steven Nemes Debate Divine Simplicity

    Episode: Unusually for OnScript, we held a debate. Or perhaps it is better called a friendly chat between two scholars who disagree. On what? On the question of divine simplicity […]

  • Jeannine Brown – The Gospels as Stories

    Episode: We're back with our fourth annual live-recorded podcast episode at Nashotah House Theological Seminary! Dr. Jeannine Brown joined us this year to discuss her book The Gospels as Stories(Baker Academic, 2020). Tune in for conversation about the importance of narrative thinking, intertextuality, and women among the disciples, and for a very special speed round. 

  • Esther Acolatse – Powers, Principalities, and the Spirit

    Episode: When you read a passage in Scripture or hear about someone’s experience with the supernatural (be it angelic, demonic, etc), what is your instinct? Explain it using specific hermeneutical tools? How? Do […]

  • R. Alan Streett – Caesar and the Sacrament

    Was baptism spiritual, political, or both? And to what degree was baptism seen as saving in the New Testament and early Christianity? Why? In his provocative and important new book Caesar and the Sacrament, R. Alan Streett shows that baptism was a politically subversive action that involved swearing an oath of allegiance to a new king. Co-hosted by Matt Bates.

  • Jackson W. – Reading Romans with Eastern Eyes

    Episode: How does Jesus’s death rescue not only humanity from its shame, but save God’s face? The honor-shame framework changes how we think about the gospel, faith, sin, and glory. […]

  • John Kincaid – Justification and Divine Sonship in Paul

    Episode: In a previous episode Chris Tilling and Matt Bates interviewed two of the co-authors (Barber and Pitre) of the book, Paul, A New Covenant Jew. The third co-author of this book, John Kincaid, […]



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