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  • Caryn Reeder – Family Violence in the Bible

    Episode: The prospect of stoning a rebellious son or adulterer, or turning over an unorthodox brother or sister for execution is revolting. But how should a Jewish or Christian believer […]

  • Navigating Biblical Languages – Kevin Grasso

    Kevin Grasso and Nick Messmer have pioneered a unique online platform for learning biblical languages, namely Biblingo. It incorporates methods and tools from second-language application theory, pedagogy and more besides. In this episode, Chris Tilling chats with Kevin, who has been on OnScript before to talk about his essay on the so-called πίστις Χριστοῦ debate. Among other things we discuss biblical language acquisition, the helpful influence of contemporary linguistics, what Biblingo offers, various pedagogical issues, and how Biblingo compares with related course.

  • Matthew Lynch – Portraying Violence in the Hebrew Bible

    Dru Johnson discusses Matt's recent book Portraying Violence in the Hebrew Bible. Matt discusses ways that the Old Testament depicts the problem of violence, some of the surprising ways that biblical writers portray violence, and ways that the Old Testament challenges modern ideas about violence. Also listen to Matt fail miserably in the speed round.

  • Special Announcement! On Verse

    OnScript is launching a new podcast! Welcome to On Verse, a podcast that explores the intersections of biblical and contemporary poetry. This podcast is hosted by Brent Strawn of Duke Divinity School, and is produced by Keith Willis. Season 1 launches soon!

  • Scot McKnight and Hans Boersma – Things I Wish You Knew

    Scot McKnight and Hans Boersma have a spirited exchange in their Five Things books--and it becomes even more lively as they extend the conversation for OnScript. After a drink or two, where would the theologian Boersma still want to press the biblical scholar McKnight? A wide-ranging dialogue on the proper interfacing of Scripture, tradition, and philosophical framework, co-hosted by Matthew Bates and Erin Heim - that is, when they could get a word in edgewise.

  • Robert Chao Romero – The Brown Church

    Episode: Kicking off National Hispanic Heritage month (in the U.S.), Jules sits down with Robert Chao Romero to discuss his unique approach to history, the influence of Lauryn Hill, the […]

  • Willie James Jennings –– After Whiteness

    Episode: Willie James Jennings joins Erin for a challenging conversation on theological education. Jennings brings a wealth of experience to the topic, drawing from his expertise as a theologian and the […]

  • Jewish Bible Translations – Leonard Greenspoon with Mary Buck

    Episode: For this episode Mary Buck is joined by Dr. Leonard Greenspoon, the Klutznick Chair in Jewish Civilization at Creighton University. Dr. Greenspoon discusses his recently published book, “Jewish Bible […]

  • Beverly Gaventa – Pauline Theology

    Episode: In this episode, Erin interviews Beverly Roberts Gaventa on Pauline theology, her thoughts on pedagogy, and on why Matt Bates is wrong about Karl Barth. This is a republished […]

  • Dru Johnson – Biblical Philosophy

    We're back with our 5th annual "Live at Nashotah House" episode! Hosts Matt Lynch and Dru Johnson discussed Dru's book Biblical Philosophy: A Hebraic Approach to the Old and New Testaments (Cambridge, 2021). Topics covered include the distinctiveness of biblical thought, Sukkot, the Gospel of Mark's emphasis on knowing, the importance of ritual and embodiment, and much more. We even have a surprise (and first-ever-on-this-podcast) display of Dru's musical talent!

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