A.J. Culp – Memoir of Moses

Episode: How is memory made and maintained in a community? Moreover, how can a community remember something they never witnessed? A. J. Culp walks us through recent turns in memory theory to explore how Deuteronomy, as a piece of literature, instantiates and reifies memory in Israel. We address misconceptions of memory as individualistic, how literature can form memory, and the use of memory for social identity. For Christians and Jews, the implications for their tradition’s rituals and sacraments are manifest. All this and more we discuss in this episode about Culp’s new book Memoir of Moses.

Guest: A. J. Culp is lecturer in Old Testament and biblical languages at Malyon Theological College and honorary research fellow at the University of Queensland. His books include Invited to Know God: The Book of Deuteronomy (Lexham, 2019) and the book discussed in this episode: Memoir of MosesPuzzling Portraits.

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