(Biblical World) Mary Buck – Ugarit and the Bible

By Unknown artist – Jastrow (2006), Public Domain

Episode: After being forgotten for over 3000 years, the ancient city of Ugarit was rediscovered by archaeologists in 1929. Perhaps the greatest find from the site was the stash of over 2500 texts written in the ancient language of Ugaritic, texts which illuminated the history of the ancient world and the life of the local inhabitants.  Join hosts Mary Buck and Chris McKinny as they discuss the ancient site of Ugarit which ruled over the Northern Levant from 1800 BCE to 1200 BCE.

Hosts: Mary Buck (Shepherds Theological Seminary) and Chris McKinny (Gesher Media

Summary: In this episode, Chris and Mary discuss the following:
The accidental discovery of Ugarit (Ras Shamra) and the expedition
An overview of the city of Ugarit, the finds, and its significance in the 2nd millennium BC
Potential connections between Ugarit and the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible.

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