Biblical World Podcast – Coming Soon!

Announcement! OnScript is launching a new podcast focused on the history, archaeology, culture, and geography of the Bible. Hosted by Chris McKinny, Lynn Cohick, Oliver Hersey, Kyle Keimer, Mary Buck, and Mark Janzen, this new podcast will help you enter the biblical world through engaging interviews with archaeologists and scholars who live and breathe scripture’s ancient air. Stay tuned!

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  1. skepticsbelieve

    I am extremely excited about “Biblical World Podcast.” My graduate work at UBC was focused on the Hebrew Bible and Ancient Judaism and at TWU in Old Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls. As a retired pastor (more than 35 years), I hope this podcast will not only engage scholars and scholarly-types, but also the general Christian populace. There is a great need in the church for a better understanding of the historical, religious, political and cultural context related to “all things biblical.” I wish you the best in getting this podcast off the ground and running.

  2. Jared Hay

    This is brilliant news, and will feed into the thinking of many of us who are seeking to understand the NT within the cultures in which it was written and in which the church first became established. If the standard is as high as the present podcast, this will be a great addition and a must listen. Prayers for you all as you work on getting things together for it. And thank you. It will be a great blessing to us.

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