Brent Strawn – The Bible is Not a Story

Episode: Super-fan Brent Strawn is back on the podcast to talk about why he thinks the ‘Bible-as-story’ paradigm needs to die, Andy Stanley’s book Irresistible, how the Old Testament is still dying, and the idea that problems with violence in the Old Testament are often projections.

Guest: Brent A. Strawn is William Ragsdale Cannon Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Candler School of Theology at Emory University. He’s the author of The Old Testament is Dying and other articles and books. Strawn conducts research in ancient Near Eastern iconography, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Israelite religion, legal traditions of the Old Testament, and Old Testament theology. Within the Old Testament proper, he works in the Pentateuch and poetry, focusing especially on Deuteronomy, the Psalms, and theological exegesis. He is soon to be Professor of Old Testament at Duke Divinity School.

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  1. Aaron Lockhart

    Great episode as always. I was intrigued at the end though – what DO you consider to be the most important book in biblical studies?

  2. Billy Henderson

    At about 21 minutes, Brent questions the statement, “The cross is the greatest expression of God’s love.” Taken out of context, this could be misleading. Would you care to discuss this statement putting it in context?

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