Crispin Fletcher-Louis — Jesus Monotheism, Volume 1

CrispinF-LEpisode: When speaking of Christian origins, what images and grammar could a first-century Jew use to say that Jesus of Nazareth was in some sense YHWH, the one God of Israel? And what might cause a Jew to say such a thing in the first place? Matthew Bates welcomes Crispin Fletcher-Louis to OnScript. Crispin’s exciting new book Jesus Monotheism offers a fresh theory of christological origins. Matt and Crispin navigate the so-called “early, high” christological theories of Larry Hurtado and Richard Bauckham. Crispin’s intensely incarnational model is stirring up some terrific conversation among biblical scholars and theologians–compelling all to reconsider how Adam, high priesthood, and divine identity connect to Christology. Join the conversation today.

Guest: Crispin Fletcher-Louis studied at Keble College, Oxford under biblical studies luminaries such as E.P. Sanders,  N.T. Wright, and Christopher Rowland.  He has taught in the Theology and Religious Studies departments of King’s College, Durham University, and Nottingham University. He was also Resident Theologian and at St Mary’s Bryanston Square, a church in Central London.

JM1FrontCover2Book:  Crispin Fletcher-Louis, Jesus Monotheism: Volume 1: Christological Origins: The Emerging Consensus and Beyond (Eugene, Or.: Cascade, 2015). Published simultaneously in ebook format by Whymanity at Jesus This is the first of a four-volume groundbreaking study of Christological origins. The fruit of twenty years research, Jesus Monotheism lays out a new paradigm that goes beyond the now widely held view that Paul and others held to an unprecedented “Christological monotheism”.

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