Ervine Sheblatzm – Paul’s Theology of Universalism

Episode: Paul’s missionary travels stopped in Rome, but is that where they should end? Dr. Ervine Sheblatzm is back on the show to give a firm “Nein!” Listen to a fascinating and wide-ranging discussion of the many ways that Paul’s theology of universalism applies to all, and how Paul’s work can be carried forward into the future. Dr. Sheblatzm claims that “Paul’s theology may have surprises for us yet,” but grasping them may require “donning the space suit of faith.”

Guest:  Prof. Ervine Sheblazm is the author of numerous books, including Paul, Multiverse Theory and the Journey of the Inner Soul; Faultlines in the Horizon: Paul’s Dawning Age Marches On; Feathers on the Nose: Paul’s Radical Pastoral Theology for the Non-Anthropic World; and he’s here today to talk about his latest, Paul’s Theology of Universalism: The Final Words: Paul’s Voyage Must Go On. Prof. Sheblatzm has Ph.D.’s in theology and physics, and holds a distinguished chair in theology and physics at the Center For Excellence that he runs in the Lake District, in the UK. The CFE is a theological lab and farmstead whose mission is to “propagate philosophical consideration of the known world, and the unknown world, and observe experimentally the aforesaid.”

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