Ervine Sheblazm – A Life Living (a theological memoir)

Episode: What is a life living theologically? Prof. Dr. Ervine Sheblazm has walked through life with theology on his mind for over 25 years. Hear him unload a ton of theological and scientific insight from his new memoir. Scholars are heralding Sheblazm’s memoirs as one of the most riveting reflections on the theological life to come out of England in over 25 years. Listen in, and you’ll know why. Others say that this will be the benchmark for the memoir genre for at least the next 25 years. Listen in, and you’ll know why.

Guest: Prof. Dr. Ervine Sheblazm is virtually a hybrid of the element flerovium and theologically charged C-4.

What the experts say!

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  1. Alan Cassady

    If this was the first episode of this podcast I’d listened to I would not have subscribed. It is so bad, I had the thought that it might be satire. But I don’t know. 30 min of my life I will never get back.

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