Jeannine Brown – The Gospels as Stories

Episode: We’re back with our fourth annual live-recorded podcast episode at Nashotah House Theological Seminary! Dr. Jeannine Brown joined us this year to discuss her book The Gospels as Stories(Baker Academic, 2020). Tune in for conversation about the importance of narrative thinking, intertextuality, and women among the disciples, and for a very special speed round.

Guest: Dr. Jeannine K. Brown is professor of New Testament at Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota. Jeannine is the author of Scripture as Communication (2007), Becoming Whole and Holy: An Integrative Conversation about Christian Formation (2011), and two commentaries on Matthew (2015, in the Teach the Text Series and 2018, in the Two Horizons series). She co-edited the second edition of Jesus and the Gospels (2013). She is also the co-author of Relational Integration of Psychology and Christian Theology, and the book under discussion in this episode, The Gospels as Stories: A Narrative Approach to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (Baker, 2020). Jeannine thoroughly enjoys teaching in churches and ministries on the topics of Bible interpretation and the New Testament. She is married to Tim Brown, singer-songwriter, and has two adult daughters, Kate and Libby (modified from the Bethel website).

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