Josh McNall – The Mosaic of Atonement

Episode: What hath penal substitution to do with recapitulation? Or Christus Victor with moral influence? Turns out, quite a lot. Of the making of many books and ideas on atonement there is no end. Could there be room for a new approach? In this episode, Josh McNall joins host Amy Hughes for a conversation on his new book The Mosaic of Atonement: An Integrated Approach to Christ’s Work in which he presents a way to reconsider the fracturing of perspectives on Christ’s work and to reintegrate the various models of atonement.

Guest: Joshua McNall is Ambassador of Church Relations and Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. After planting a Wesleyan church near Grand Rapids, Michigan, Josh completed his PhD at the University of Manchester (UK). Since then, he has published three books, including A Free Corrector: Colin Gunton and the Legacy of Augustine (Fortress, 2015), the popular-level, Long Story Short: The Bible in Six Simple Movements (Seedbed, 2018), and The Mosaic of Atonement: An Integrated Approach to Christ’s Work (Zondervan Academic, 2019). He and his wife Brianna have four small children and he blogs regularly on issues of theology and culture at

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