Lincoln Harvey – Theology of Robert Jenson

Episode: In this episode we discuss Lincoln Harvey’s thrilling guide to the work of Robert W. Jenson (1930-2017). Jenson, arguably America’s most important theologian, is so because he thinks Jesus of Nazareth is always and for ever one of the Trinity. “Mary’s boy and Pilate’s victim” is the Father’s eternal Son, so there has never been an unfleshed Word. It follows from this that the God of the Gospel is much stranger than we imagine. Harvey’s book presents an astonishingly lucid and penetrating guide into Jenson’s remarkable proposal. Demonstrating Jenson’s signature moves, as well as his fundamental re-working of the dogmatic tradition, Harvey shows how only an evangelized metaphysics can make sense of the identity of Jesus Christ. Our discussion in this episode thus plunges into strange territory, raising odd questions and answers to such weighty matters as the nature of time, space, God’s act of creation, the centrality of Jesus, substance metaphysics and much more.

Guest: Dr Lincoln Harvey is Assistant Dean and Lecturer in Systematic Theology at St Mellitus College, UK. He has a PhD from King’s College, London, and is author of Jesus in the Trinity: A Beginner’s Guide to the Theology of Robert Jenson (2020) and A Brief Theology of Sport (2014). Lincoln has also edited two collections of essays, The Theology of Colin Gunton (2010) and Essays on the Trinity (2018).

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