Mark Scarlata – Exodus, Divine Presence, and Sabbath

Episode: Matt & Mark get all exodusy in this episode, as they discuss Israel’s founding narrative and its ongoing significance. Topics range from Sabbath, to history, and from divine presence to a new version of the ‘what idea in biblical studies needs to die?’ question.

Guest: Revd Dr Mark Scarlata is Tutor and Lecturer in Old Testament Studies. Mark grew up in the USA and did his theological studies at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and Yale Divinity School. He received his PhD from Cambridge University, which has been published as Outside of Eden: Cain in the Ancient Versions of Gen. 4.1-16 (T & T Clark, 2012). His latest book Am I my Brother’s Keeper?: Christian Citizenship in a Globalized Society,  (Wipf and Stock/Cascade) deals with issues related to Christian life and the response of faith within a global community. His most recent work is The Abiding Presence: A Theological Commentary on Exodus (London: SCM Press, 2018). Mark is also the Vicar-Chaplain at St. Edward, King and Martyr, Cambridge where he serves as priest in one of the oldest churches in Cambridge that was also integral in the English Reformation. Mark is married to Bettina and they have three children. [from the St Mellitus website]

Book: [from the publisher’s website] The Abiding Presence: A Theological Commentary on Exodus (London: SCM Press, 2018) With an emphasis on the nature and importance of divine presence, “The Abiding Presence” provides a unique perspective on the overarching theology of Exodus drawing particular attention to God’s revelation at the burning bush, Sinai, and the tabernacle.

Exploring the rich theological themes that emerge from the final form of the narrative the commentary also reflects on how these themes were employed by New Testament authors in understanding the life and ministry of Christ.

Bridging the gap between accessibility and scholarly rigour, this commentary offers an excellent tool for ordinands, students, teachers in higher education and preachers to engage with the theology of the book in its Old Testament context as well as how its message is revealed in the New Testament and continues to speak today.

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  1. Br Israel

    Greetings from Oregon! Thank you for another episode (starting to catch up now that the academic year has ended!). Prof Scarlata referenced Joshua Berman’s book, which I assumed was Inconsistency in the Torah.” Will we get an interview with Berman on his book, by any chance?

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