Mary Katherine Hom – The Characterization of an Empire

Episode: Dr. Mary Hom returns to the show to talk about her soon-to-be-released book The Characterization of an Empire: The Portrayal of the Assyrians in Kings and Chronicles (Wipf & Stock, 2018). But as is normally the case, conversation goes well beyond her recent scholarship …

Mary & Mom

Guest: Mary Katherine Hom is a freelance Old Testament scholar. In addition to The Characterization of an Empire (available for pre-order, see below), she is the author of The Characterization of the Assyrians in Isaiah (Bloomsbury, 2014). Formerly an Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at Ambrose University (College), Dr. Hom has since explored more integrative approaches between Biblical Studies and the Christian life, from an in-depth exploration of the charismatic movement at Bethel Church to backpacking southern Africa to volunteering alongside anti-trafficking NGOs in Asia to—most personally humbling and profound for her—caring for her mother at home. Her ‘business’ card (discussed in the episode) speaks to these varied aspects of her life.

Book: ***To pre-order this book at a 20% discount off retail, please contact Wipf and Stock Publishers Customer Service Department by phone at +1-541-344-1528 or by email at*** ‘Biblical scholars usually treat Assyria as a ‘background’ issue that sheds light elsewhere. Mary Hom brings Assyria into the spotlight as a biblical character in its own right, and with true insight and sagacity. Her literary analysis of Assyria in Kings and Chronicles attends to ways that biblical authors personalize, caricature, and re-interpret the empire in relation to the rise and fall of Israel and Judah. This study complements her earlier study of Assyria in Isaiah, bringing the mighty and alluring empire into literary and theological life. Narrative critics of the Bible–take note!’ – M Lynch

Old Business Card (Discussed in episode)

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7 Replies to “Mary Katherine Hom – The Characterization of an Empire”

  1. Randy

    What a terrific story of taking care of her mom and grandmother. I hope we emulate them in taking care of our parents. Thank you!

  2. Jeremy Cummings

    Thanks for a great show! The article you mentioned concerning “The Finger of God in Daniel . . .” sounds really interesting. How can someone get a copy of it?

    • Mary Katherine Hom

      Thanks, Jeremy! The generating of the “Finger of God” in Dan 5 —> Luke 11:20 was indeed pure joy to explore, write, and share about, and I love it that it came out of a weekly, non-specialist Bible Study group. We are honored that it is published in Novum Testamentum, vol. 60 (2018), pp. 115-120 (basically, it’s the first article in the second volume of this year’s issues of Novum Testamentum). If you are unable to access it online or in hardcopy through your institution, let me know!

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