Navigating Biblical Languages – Kevin Grasso

Episode: Kevin Grasso and Nick Messmer have pioneered a unique online platform for learning biblical languages, namely Biblingo. It incorporates methods and tools from second-language application theory, pedagogy and more besides. In this episode, Chris Tilling chats with Kevin, who has been on OnScript before to talk about his essay on the so-called πίστις Χριστοῦ debate (you can listen to that here). Among other things we discuss biblical language acquisition, the helpful influence of contemporary linguistics, what Biblingo offers, various pedagogical issues, and how Biblingo compares with related courses.

Guest: Kevin Grasso is about to obtain his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Hebrew as well as an MA in Comparative Religion. He was previously awarded an MA in Linguistics at Dallas International University. His work focuses on applying theoretical linguistics, particularly syntax and semantics, to the biblical languages for the purpose of exegesis. Within biblical studies, he is interested in faith, law, and messiahship and how Second Temple Judaism conceived of each of these categories. He lives just outside of Atlanta with his wife Rachel and son Emmett and will soon be joined by Rhoda and Olivia, two daughters he is adopting from Liberia in a few weeks.

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  1. John F. Lezada

    Applied Linguistics, Pedagogy, Second Language Acquisition, (Add: best practices), my second field of interest! Thankful I found this on Dr. Tilling’s FB page.

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