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  • Jeanette Hagen Pifer – Faith as Participation

    Episode: In this third episode of a mini-series on "faith" (pistis), Jeanette Hagen Pifer brings a different method to bear on pistis, looking at what we might glean from wider conceptual categories related to "faith," like persuasion and boasting. And she was a missionary in the former Soviet Union before becoming a professor! Join her and OnScript co-host Matthew W. Bates, as they discuss Jeanette's new book, Faith as Participation.

  • Nijay Gupta – Paul and the Language of Faith

    Episode: After years of relative silence, conversations about “faith” (pistis) in the New Testament and early Christianity are suddenly blossoming. Pistis is essential. But because it’s multifaceted and can be […]

  • James Diamond – Jewish Theology Unbound

    Episode: Dru Johnson talks with Jim Diamond about his long term project of thinking theologically with the biblical authors. Through close readings of key biblical texts and Jewish sages, Diamond […]

  • Daniel Pioske – How Did Biblical Writers Access The Past?

    Episode: In this episode Matt Lynch sits down with Dan Pioske to talk about the way we know about ancient Israel. Most scholars have been so text-based in their assumptions about […]

  • David Downs & Benjamin Lappenga – The Faithfulness of the Risen Christ

    Podcast interview of David J. Downs and Benjamin J. Lappenga by Matthew W. Bates and Erin Heim.

  • Cynthia Shafer-Elliott – Digging Up Israel’s Past

    Episode: We’re going back to the dirt in this episode with Cynthia Shafer-Elliott. We talk about bee hives, the Daniel diet, Ezekiel bread, gender & archaeology, and why Cynthia is willing […]

  • Dru Johnson interviews Matt Lynch

    Episode: In this week’s episode co-host Dru Johnson interviews co-host Matt Lynch, and there’s a surprise mystery guest! Guest: Matt Lynch is Academic Dean and Lecturer in Old Testament at Westminster Theological […]

  • Willie Jennings – Race and Christian Theology

    Episode: In this episode, Willie James Jennings joins host Amy Hughes to talk about his The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race ten years after its publication. This compelling work […]

  • SBL Special Report! An Inbetwepisode

    In this episode, Dru interviews scholars and publishers at the book tables and receptions at the annual meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature (which also includes the American Academy of Religion, Institute for Biblical Research, American Schools of Oriental Research, and more!). Order of appearance: Robin "the rain in Spain" Parry (Wipf & Stock) Marc Cortez (Wheaton) Rodrigo de Sousa (Faculté Jean Calvin) Nijay Gupta (George Fox University) John Anthony Dunne (Bethel Seminary) Jesse Myers/Miles Custis (Lexham Press) Ela Lazarewicz-Wyrzykowska (Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology) Heath Thomas (Oklahoma Baptist University) Mary Katharine Hom (Independent Scholar/OnScript regular) Anne-Marie Ellithorpe (Vancouver School of Theology)

  • Michael Bird – The New Testament in Its World (with N. T. Wright)

    Episode: Michael Bird speaks with Matt Bates and Erin Heim about his new joint venture with N.T. Wright, The New Testament in Its World (Zondervan, 2019). We discussed Mike’s take on […]

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