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  • Jonathan Greer – Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament

    Episode: Jonathan Greer joins the show to talk about a big project he just co-edited on the history, context, archaeology, culture, and world of the Old Testament. Jonathan shares from his own work digging at Tel Dan, a very significant site for understanding the Jerusalem Temple and worship in ancient Israel. They discuss major archaeologists, the historicity of events in the Bible, the interaction of faith and critical study, and much more.Guest: Jonathan Greer is Associate Professor of Old Testament and Director of the Hesse Memorial Archaeological Laboratory at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He has written extensively on the history and context of the Bible. He's the author of Dinner at Dan: Biblical and Archaeological Evidence for Sacred Feasts at Iron Age II Tel Dan and Their Significance  (Brill, 2013) and the co-editor with John Hilber and John Walton of Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament: Cultural, Social, and Historical Contexts (Baker Academic, 2019).If you like this episode: Check out our episodes on the Isaiah Seal Impression, and The Ancient World of the Bible.

  • Ellen Davis – Opening Israel’s Scriptures

    Matt Lynch has been eagerly awaiting this book (Opening Israel's Scriptures), and the chance to talk with one of his favorite OT scholars. That day has come! Matt speaks with Ellen Davis about the intersection of critical and theological biblical interpretation, the manna economy in Exodus, ecology and the Bible, Wendell Berry, violence in the Old Testament, lament, & more!

  • Ryan O’Dowd—Wisdom Literature and Commentaries

    Ryan O'Dowd is the rare combination of Anglican Priest and scholar of the wisdom literature (though he agrees with Will Kynes's critique of the wisdom genre). In this episode, Dru and Ryan talk about his recent commentary on Proverbs in the Story of God series (Zondervan), his life as a pastor-scholar, and how being an academic is like being a model.

  • Kelly Murphy – Rewriting Masculinity

    Episode: Kelly Murphy joins OnScript to talk about about Gideon in scripture and tradition, and about how various biblical and post-biblical writers portray the Tuba Warrior as a ‘real man’ […]

  • (Theology) Ivan Satyavrata – Holy Spirit

    The Pentecostals are taking over OnScript! Amy talks to Dr. Ivan Satyavrata, pastor and theologian about the necessity of the "traditioning" of Pentecostalism, the incongruence of Pentecostalism not being completely on board with women in ministry or engaging extensively with the poor, and a discussion of the transformation of the Holy Spirit.

  • Rafael Rodríguez – Jesus Darkly

    How does social-memory theory change how we think about the New Testament? In Rafael Rodríguez's Jesus Darkly, the Jesus that emerges from the shadows is surprisingly bright and relevant. Yet even when he remains mysterious, the darkness helps us anticipate the ultimate face-to-face encounter.

  • Brent Strawn – The Bible is Not a Story

    Super-fan Brent Strawn is back on the podcast to talk about why he thinks the 'Bible-as-story' paradigm needs to die, Andy Stanley's book Irresistible, how the Old Testament is still dying, and the idea that problems with violence in the Old Testament are often projections.

  • Daniel Hawk – The Violence of the Biblical God

    I (Matt L) have been wrestling with the topic of violence in Scripture for a while, and has returned to Dan Hawk's Berit Olam commentary on the book of Joshua. It was a pleasure to talk with Dan about his new book on violence in the Bible. He takes a literary approach that deserves serious attention.

  • Scott Harrower—God of All Comfort (Trinity & Horror)

    Episode: Scott has a riveting biography, from growing up as a missionary kid in South America to entering the Goth and underground music scene to thinking about the effects of horrors and traumas on the body of Christ. You won't want to miss Scott's insights here.

  • Kyle Hughes – The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit

    Is the Holy Spirit properly called God? Yes, Christians are eager to say. But how and when did this development take place? The early church sensed the Spirit's full divinity, but struggled for centuries to find a grammar. Kyle Hughes, The Trinitarian Testimony of the Spirit, advances an exciting new argument. He shows that the key is the Spirit's role as a divine person who could bear witness to other divine persons. Everyone who is interested in bible and theology--take note!--and grab a listen. Trigger warning: we also dream of eating large quantities of smoked meat. If that is more than your stomach can handle, beware. Hosted by Matt Bates.

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