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  • Andrew Lawler – Beneath Jerusalem

    What lies beneath Jerusalem? Join Kyle and Chris as they interview Andrew Lawler about his excellent and exciting new book Under Jerusalem: the Buried History of the World’s Most Contested City (also available via as an audio book). In this interview, we discuss a variety of issues that Lawler covers in his book - he also gives some personal reflections on the writing and research involved with a book on Jerusalem’s complicated history (and present).

  • Andy Abernethy – Discovering Isaiah

    Andy Abernethy talks about finding new ways of reading Isaiah, his new book Discovering Isaiah, as well as life in the academy, his dad's career in the NBA, influential figures in his life, and much more.

  • Douglas Harink – Resurrecting Justice

    In this episode, Chris Tilling chats with Prof. Douglas Harink about his new book, Resurrecting Justice: Reading Romans for the Life of the World (Downers Grove: IVP Academic, 2020). The book presents a complete reading of Romans in light of the justice revealed in the gospel. So Harink’s book covers a lot of hotly debated ground relating to definitions of the “good news”, the Holy Trinity, justification, politics, the role of law, the nature of faith and much more besides. This discussion was particularly rich, then, and only begins to skim the surface of the issues discussed in the book.

  • A Poem about Love and Death (Song 8:6-7) – Brent Strawn

    A meditation on Song of Song 8:6-7, a poem about love and death, written and narrated by Brent Strawn. This is from our podcast In Parallel. For future episodes, please subscribe wherever you listen (Apple Podcasts, Spotify). In Parallel is a new podcast that explores biblical and contemporary poetry.

  • Introducing In Parallel with Brent Strawn – Ecclesiastes 3

    Episode:  We’re thrilled to introduce our first episode of In Parallel, a new podcast that explores biblical and contemporary poetry. Our first episode is a poetic reflection on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 […]

  • Chris Green – All Things Beautiful: An Aesthetic Christology

    What role does art play in the forming of our theological imagination about Christ? What does it mean to respond to the cross as witness instead of spectator? In this interview, Chris Green joins co-host Amy Hughes to talk about his new book on art, beauty, and Christology. The topics range widely from the role of story, art, and liturgy in formation to quite the discussion about Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. 

  • Charles Halton – A Human-Shaped God

    Episode: Charles Halton joins to discuss divine embodiment and its theological implications. We discuss the role of tensions and diversity in Scripture, Old Testament antecedents to the incarnation, theological method, and […]

  • Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer – The History and Archaeology of Christmas (Part 1)

    Episode: Biblical World hosts Chris and Kyle talk about the archaeology and historical context of Christmas. They try not to be Grinches. This is part 1 of a two part […]

  • Vince Bantu – A Multitude of All Peoples (Live in San Antonio)

    Erin and Matt join Vince Bantu for a live recording in San Antonio. At this IVP Academic event, we cover all things early Christianity as it took root and developed in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. We talk about the (often) untold stories of early Christianity, the weaponization of doctrine, Miaphysite and Diaphysite controversies, Vince's Old Nubian studies, and much more!

  • Carol Newsom – The Spirit Within Me

    Carol Newsom returns to OnScript to discuss her wide-ranging interests in anthropology, cognitive science, early Judaism, and the Old Testament. The discussion focuses on her recent research on developing conceptions of the person, including self and moral agency, in ancient Israel and early Judaism. We also go off script to discuss recent books of interest, the inferiority complex in academia, and much more. Our conversation relates to her recent book The Spirit Within Me (Yale University Press).

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