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  • Mary Katherine Hom – The Assyrians and the Old Testament

    Episode: For this episode, Matt Lynch sits down with long time friend Mary Hom to talk about her longstanding interest in the Assyrians and the Old Testament. Matt asks questions […]

  • David Starling – Hermeneutics as Apprenticeship

    Episode:  Christians like to speak about letting Scripture interpret Scripture, but beyond using an easy passage to make sense out of a more difficult one, what does this mean? David […]

  • Mark Smith – Where the Gods Are

    Episode: The polymathic Mark S. Smith joins OnScript to discuss his book on God’s body, and the way Hebrew and Ugaritic literature present divine embodiment in human space. Along the […]

  • Larry W. Hurtado – Destroyer of the Gods

    Episode:  Larry Hurtado and OnScript host Matthew Bates smash gods. Well, actually Larry is the one who brings the heavy artillery, drawing from his recent Destroyer of the Gods (Baylor […]

  • Nyasha Junior – An Introduction to Womanist Biblical Interpretation

    Episode: Matt L. discusses womanist biblical interpretation with Nyasha Junior of Temple University. If this is a new subject to you, or you’re on the hunt for a great introduction to […]

  • Richard B. Hays – Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels

    Richard Hays joins us to talk about his recent book 'Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels.' Richard speaks candidly about his recent battle with cancer, revealing how it has shaped his writing and theological outlook. After walking us through several of his own favorite scriptural "echoes," Richard covers diverse topics, including figuration and early Christology. His reflections on best scriptural reading practices for the church are beautiful and profound.

  • Chris Tilling – Talking New Testament Christology

    Co-hosted discussion of divine Christology in contemporary NT studies with Chris Tilling, author of 'Paul's Divine Christology.'

  • Alison Joseph – Portrait of the Kings

    Episode: Take a journey into the heart of the Deuteronomist to discover more about the king after God’s own heart through the eyes of the book of Kings. Matt Lynch interviews Alison Joseph about […]

  • David J. Downs – Alms

    OnScript host Matthew Bates welcomes David Downs to discuss the biblical and systematic implications of atoning almsgiving. Interviewing from Tanzania, David's reflections on charitable giving for the church today is multicultural and profound.

  • Jon Levenson – The Love of God

    Episode: Jon Levenson joins OnScript to discuss his recent book The Love of God (Princeton, 2016). Jon and Matt L. discuss how the concept of ‘love’ differed in ancient Israel, whether […]

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