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  • Richard B. Hays – Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels

    Richard Hays joins us to talk about his recent book 'Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels.' Richard speaks candidly about his recent battle with cancer, revealing how it has shaped his writing and theological outlook. After walking us through several of his own favorite scriptural "echoes," Richard covers diverse topics, including figuration and early Christology. His reflections on best scriptural reading practices for the church are beautiful and profound.

  • Chris Tilling – Talking New Testament Christology

    Co-hosted discussion of divine Christology in contemporary NT studies with Chris Tilling, author of 'Paul's Divine Christology.'

  • Alison Joseph – Portrait of the Kings

    Episode: Take a journey into the heart of the Deuteronomist to discover more about the king after God’s own heart through the eyes of the book of Kings. Matt Lynch interviews Alison Joseph about […]

  • David J. Downs – Alms

    OnScript host Matthew Bates welcomes David Downs to discuss the biblical and systematic implications of atoning almsgiving. Interviewing from Tanzania, David's reflections on charitable giving for the church today is multicultural and profound.

  • Jon Levenson – The Love of God

    Episode: Jon Levenson joins OnScript to discuss his recent book The Love of God (Princeton, 2016). Jon and Matt L. discuss how the concept of ‘love’ differed in ancient Israel, whether […]

  • Crispin Fletcher-Louis — Jesus Monotheism, Volume 1

    Episode: When speaking of Christian origins, what images and grammar could a first-century Jew use to say that Jesus of Nazareth was in some sense YHWH, the one God of […]

  • Brennan Breed – Nomadic Text

    At a glance: Brennan Breed joins us to discuss his recent book Nomadic Text: A Theory of Biblical Reception History (Indiana University Press, 2014). This episode is virtual road trip through the world of biblical studies, reception history, and beyond. Along the way, Breed discusses his run-in with a bear, theories about the end of the world, UFOs, and why he thinks biblical texts are more at home on the road.

  • Joel Green – Conversion in Luke-Acts

      Episode Summary:  How does brain relate to mind?  To spirit  or soul?  And what does all of this have to do with conversion and Scripture?  OnScript host Matthew Bates […]

  • Matthew R. Schlimm – This Strange and Sacred Scripture

    Episode Summary In this interview, Matt L. talks about This Strange and Sacred Scripture with author, Old Testament Scholar, and professor Matthew Schlimm. They discuss Matthew’s relationship with the Hardy Boys novels, […]

  • Peter Enns – The Sin of Certainty

    Pete and Matt L. discuss the uncertainties of faith, of life, and of life with the Bible. We also talk about how Pete has managed the challenge of losing control of his faith. Matt asks Pete his opinion on the ideal of 'knowing what you believe' and on 'always being prepared to give an answer ... about the hope that is in you' (1 Peter 3:15). Pete also talks about the 'slippery slope' of certainty. Finally, Pete addresses three of his favorite OT books for navigating the loss of certainty. And, by the way, Pete was swinging a baseball bat in his study during the interview. I'm glad it wasn't an in-person interview.

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