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Episode: How can the way of the kingdom be the way of the dove? How can the way of subversion come through submission? How can the way of the lion be the way of the slaughtered lamb? Drawing from his new book, Political Gospel, biblical scholar Patrick Schreiner helps Christians rethink their political framework and practices. Co-hosted by Matthew Bates. ***Apologies for Matt Bates’ audio toward the end of this interview!***

The Book: Patrick Schreiner, Political Gospel: Public Witness in a Politically Crazy World (B&H: Nashville, 2022). Christians are constantly being accused of being too political or not political enough. Often, the accusations are fair. Christians tend to get stuck in one of two political ditches: we either privatize our faith or make it partisan. We think religion and politics should be separate and never intermingle, or we align so tightly with a political party that we conflate the gospel with a human agenda. In Political Gospel, Patrick Schreiner argues Christianity not only has political implications but is itself a politic. The gospel at its very core is political––Jesus declared Himself to be King. But He does not allow you to put Him in your political box. In a supercharged political climate, Political Gospel explores what it means for Christians to have a biblical public witness by looking to Scripture, the early church, and today. Should we submit to governing authorities or subvert them? Are we to view them as agents of the dark forces or entities that promote order? In these pages, we’ll see that Christians live in a paradox, and we’ll see how to follow Christ our King right into the political craziness of our day. (Publisher’s description).

Guest: Patrick Schreiner is the Director of the Residency PhD program and Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He previously taught at Western Seminary in Portland Oregon (2014–20) and received his Ph.D. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2014). In addition to the book we are presently discussing,  Political Gospel: Public Witness in a Politically Crazy World (B&H), Patrick is the author of a number of books, including a commentary on Acts (B&H), The Visual Word (Moody), The Mission of the Triune God: A Theology of Acts (Crossway), Matthew, Disciple and Scribe (Baker Academic), and The Ascension of Christ (Lexham), Patrick has quite a few others too. Patrick serves as an elder at Emmaus Church in North Kansas City. He is married to Hannah and they have four children.

OnScript’s Review: Can we get beyond partisan politics and endless newsfeeds to a healthier place? Patrick Schreiner’s Political Gospel calls Christians to live in a subversively wise way. We do this by submitting to the government and working for a better future in a Jesus-shaped way. We must bear witness to Jesus the king, showing what allegiance means in every sphere of life. This book is urgent and wise. — Matthew W. Bates, author of Salvation by Allegiance Alone; Professor of Theology, Quincy University

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