Robert Alter—The Art of Bible Translation

Episode: Dru Johnson and Matt Lynch talk to Robert Alter about his new Princeton University Press book The Art of Bible Translation and his newly released translation of the Hebrew Bible into English. Robert explains how the translation came about and how The Art of Bible Translation acts as a methodological introduction to his translation of the Hebrew Bible.

Guest: Dr. Robert Alter is the “Class of 1937 Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature” at the University of California, Berkeley. Most all of our listeners will know him as one of the chief architects of the literary approach to the Hebrew Bible, with over two dozen books written and now a full translation of the Hebrew Bible into English released this year by Nortons Publishing. Alter might be our first guest to have an entire New York Times article dedicated to him and his work. He’s the author of The Art of Biblical Narrative, The Art of Biblical Poetry, and many other books.

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