Sameer Yadav – Theology, Race, and the Mystical Tradition

Episode: In this wide-ranging episode Amy Brown Hughes talks with Sameer Yadav about the ‘promiscuous’ nature of theology, his book The Problem of Perception and the Experience of God: Toward a Theological Empiricism, his recent work on apophaticism in the Christian mystical tradition, and race in the philosophy of religion. Enjoy this re-released episode!

Guest: Sameer Yadav is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Westmont. He graduated from Boise State University with a bachelor degree in philosophy, earned a Master of Divinity at Master’s Seminary, a Master of Sacred Theology at Yale Divinity School, and a doctorate in theology and ethics at Duke Divinity School, with a primary concentration in systematic and philosophical theology and minor concentrations in moral theology and Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. He is the author of The Problem of Perception and the Experience of God (Fortress Press, 2015), and has published in various journals including The Journal of Analytic Theology, Journal of Religion, Faith and Philosophy and Pro Ecclesia. He’s a member in American Academy of Religion, Society of Christian Philosophers, Society of Christian Ethics, and Society of Scriptural Reasoning. (drawn from the Westmont website)

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