SBL Special Report! An Inbetwepisode

In this inbetwepisode, Dru interviews scholars and publishers at the book tables and receptions at the annual meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature (which also includes the American Academy of Religion, Institute for Biblical Research, American Schools of Oriental Research, and more!). Order of appearance:

  1. Robin “the rain in Spain” Parry (Wipf & Stock)
  2. Marc Cortez (Wheaton)
  3. Rodrigo de Sousa (Faculté Jean Calvin)
  4. Nijay Gupta (George Fox University)
  5. John Anthony Dunne (Bethel Seminary)
  6. Jesse Myers/Miles Custis (Lexham Press)
  7. Ela Lazarewicz-Wyrzykowska (Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology)
  8. Heath Thomas (Oklahoma Baptist University)
  9. Mary Katharine Hom (Independent Scholar/OnScript regular)
  10. Anne-Marie Ellithorpe (Vancouver School of Theology)

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