(Theology) Ivan Satyavrata – Holy Spirit

Episode: The Pentecostals are taking over OnScript! Amy talks to Dr. Ivan Satyavrata, pastor and theologian about the necessity of the “traditioning” of Pentecostalism, the incongruence of Pentecostalism not being completely on board with women in ministry or engaging extensively with the poor, and a discussion of the transformation of the Holy Spirit.

Guest: Ivan holds a Ph.D from Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, UK, and ThM from Regent College, Vancouver. Dr. Ivan Satyavrata serves as the Senior Pastor of one of the largest churches in North India—a multilingual congregation of 8 languages and about 5,000 people in Kolkata, India—and as the executive director of multiple social justice and outreach ministries operated under the church’s auspices. The schools operated by the church provide education and basic health care for over 10,000 children, while the feeding stations of the church provide the only food source available to approximately 10,000 people per day. Additionally, Pastor Ivan oversees ministries of rescue from the sex trafficking industry, jobs training for the “untouchables” of Indian society, church planting throughout northeastern India, and teaching at the Buntain Theological College—a leading Christian undergraduate college in Northern India. His interests include Christian witness to people of other faiths and the Christian response to social issues.  He has authored two books: Holy Spirit, Lord and Life Giver (Langham), God Has Not Left Himself Without Witness (Wipf & Stock), and most recently, Pentecostals and the Poor: Reflections from the Indian Context (Asia Pacific Theological Seminary Press). Ivan’s wife Sheila [Elizabeth], and sons, Rahul and Rohan, are the pride and joy of his life.

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