(Theology) Natalie Carnes – Image and Presence

Episode: Welcome to the inaugural episode of OnScript’s new Theology Stream. OnScript’s newest co-host Amy Brown Hughes talks with Natalie Carnes of Baylor University about icons, iconophilia, iconophobia, and iconoclasm. This topic has loomed large in church history, and carries important theological implications.

Guest: Natalie Carnes is a constructive theologian who is interested how Christian doctrine can speak to modern life in the world. She draws on literary and visual works to interpret traditional theological ideas through somewhat less traditional themes, like childhood, beauty, art, iconoclasm, and gender. She trained at Harvard, the University of Chicago, and Duke before coming to Baylor, where she is currently an Associate Professor of Theology. In addition to a number of articles, she has published two books, Beauty: A Theological Engagement with Gregory of Nyssa, and Image and Presence: A Christological Reflection on Iconoclasm and Iconophilia

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2 Replies to “(Theology) Natalie Carnes – Image and Presence”

  1. Hannah

    Thank you for this discussion.
    I am a Christian (protestant),Artist, woman who loves theology, and God’s Word…. and I have a lot of questions and ideas about art, image, and the church and being a woman. My new Church says only men can be in leadership roles and woman can have the nursery, Christian education, cleaning the church, and the food department.
    The Church I had grown up in my Father was the Pastor of and it was amazing and women were in leadership roles and some men loved doing hospitality it was kind of like what are your gifts and we will put you there. I have never really been to into the gender roles that women have and got to be a Deacon at that Church ,but, then my father retired and well. They say you can’t go home. And I haven’t been able to find “UBC” since.
    I also find feminism at least in its currant state to be a far cry from what it once was… or perhaps I am seeing the wrong side of it. It used to be women supporting women… and now its your not a woman if you don’t think like me.
    There is no Partiality with God but then Paul says only men can lead…. but then says there is no male or female. So, is it one way with God and another way for humans? So, are we as women always to not be leaders because of the fall? Should we not be in leadership because snakes so easily get us to sin?
    Or do we try to go too far today as woman saying to God we will take both curses and have a back breaking career and take care of the home/kids because we have to prove to men we can do it…? I know just enough about things to get me in trouble….
    Plus, I have always felt like the Church says no to art … Because you are not to make graven images, or idols…. idk. And I feel odd being an Artist in the Church and I feel like What Art can I make that would Glorify God….? But it is a talent I feel God has given to me….
    I too look forward to a Hope of a Unified Church in Christ… for Jew and Gentile.

    Any ways, I am sure this letter shows how I am a fool who thinks she is wise.

    And Is there a direction you might be able to point me…

    God be with you,

    All my love in Christ,


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