Thomas McCall – Analytic Christology and the Theological Interpretation of the New Testament

Episode: If you like conversations that sit on the awkward fence between systematic theology and biblical studies, this episode is for you. Tom McCall’s wide-ranging expertise clarifies the limits of an apocalyptic reading of Galatians 2:20 (“I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live…”), the pistis Christou debate, social trinitarianism, and discussions in scholarship sparked by Karl Barth pertaining to the incarnation. Co-hosted by Matt Bates and Chris Tilling.

The Book: Thomas H. McCall, Analytic Christology and the Theological Interpretation of the New Testament (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021). This study draws upon the resources of both contemporary analytic theology and the theological interpretation of the New Testament in order to investigate a set of important issues in Christology. It is the first work in analytic Christology to draw upon both recent scholarship in biblical studies and recent contributions to analytic philosophy and theology. Thomas H. McCall explores the themes of union with Christ and the faith of Christ as these are developed by the “apocalyptic” and “New Perspective” interpreters of Pauline theology. The volume offers a careful analysis of recent dogmatic proposals about the identity of Christ and the doctrine of election, and provides an examination of debates over the subordination of the Son in Hebrews. It also probes the relationship of the incarnate Son to his Father in Johannine theology. McCall presents an exegetically-grounded theological engagement with recent work on the place of logic in the doctrine of the incarnation. (publisher’s description).

Guest: Tom McCall is the Timothy C. and Julie M. Tennent Chair of Theology at Asbury Theological Seminary. Ph.D., Systematic Theology, Calvin Theological Seminary (2004). Prior to his appointment at Asbury, Tom served for sixteen years as Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at TEDS, where he was also the Director of the Carl F. H. Henry Center for Theological Understanding. During this same time, he held an appointment as Professorial Fellow in Exegetical and Analytic Theology at the University of St. Andrews. He is author of numerous books, including with Keith D. Stanglin, After Arminius: A Historical Introduction to Arminian Theology (Oxford University Press, 2020); Against God and Nature: The Doctrine of Sin (Crossway, 2019); An Invitation to Analytic Christian Theology (IVP Academic, 2015); Forsaken: The Trinity and the Cross, and Why It Matters (IVP Academic, 2012); Jacob Arminius: Theologian of Grace (OUP, 2012).

OnScript’s Review: “With razor sharp precision, Thomas McCall carves out a productive new space for theological conversation. He brings clarity to fraught topics such as apocalyptic discourse in Paul’s letters, the pistis Christou debate, social trinitarianism, and Karl Barth’s proposals about the incarnation. Highly recommended.” — Matthew W. Bates, author of The Birth of the Trinity and associate professor of theology at Quincy University

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