Tim Mackie & Jon Collins – The Bible Project

Episode: Tim Mackie and Jon Collins chat with Matt L. and Dru J. about how the Bible Project started, their thesis that the Bible is a unified story, P967, and a wide range of other topics you’ve been dying to learn about.

The Bible Project: If you aren’t familiar with The Bible Project, it’s best to visit their site (https://thebibleproject.com/), but briefly, and from their website, ‘The Bible Project is a non-profit animation studio that produces short-form, fully animated videos to make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere.’ They’re a youtube channel that makes super helpful 5 min (or so) videos to explain the books of the Bible and its major themes.

Tim & Jon: Find out about Tim and Jon HERE.

If you want to know the kinds of videos Jon Collins created before the Bible Project, check out the video below.

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  1. YC

    Could I missed a private joke or several grad classes … but when talking about the work “ra” (bad/evil/destruction/anti-creation) it was mentioned God could not make “ra” . Hiw would one interpret Isiah 45:7
    Love the podcats!

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