Q&A with Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer

Episode: You asked (a long time ago), we answered (finally)! In this Q&A episode, we respond to listener questions about how to raise your kids to be like Chris and Kyle, prophetic practices, 1 Cor 11, chambered gates, Pharisees, forgery scandal, the Coliseum and Jerusalem Temple, and much more!

Hosts: Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer

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Image Description/Attribution: 6-chambered gate at Gezer. This iron-age gate shares a common pattern with iron-age gates at Lachish and Megiddo. Since these are listed in biblical texts as cities fortified by Solomon, these fortifications are often called “Solomonic” gates. (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Six-chambered_gate_at_Tel_Gezer_%285751855767%29.jpg)

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