Sodom and Gomorrah and the Cities on the Plain (pt 2): Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer

Episode: For part 1 see here. In this episode, we (Chris and Kyle) get into the biblical and geographical details connected with locating Sodom and the Cities of the Plain. We continue to argue for the traditional position that the cities of the Plain are to be located in the southern basin of the Dead Sea (i.e., inundation view). We also address some of the more problematic issues related to the northern view (the basis for the report in Nature) – specifically the identification of the “Kikkar of the Jordan” and the site of “Zoar.”

Hosts: Chris McKinny (Geshur Media) and Kyle Keimer (Macquarie University)

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Episode Images: 

#1 – Kikkar

2. Plain of the Jordan

3. View from Bethel

4. Kedorlaomer’s Campaign

5. Gen 19

6. Zoar

7. Dead Sea in Onomasticon

8. Medeba Map

9. Southern Basin


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