Solomon’s Officials and Administration in Kings – Koert van Bekkum

Episode: In this episode, Chris and Kyle interview Koert van Bekkum (ETF Leuven) about his views on Solomon’s Administrative Division in 1 Kings 4 in its Ancient Near Eastern context. What is the purpose of this list? Are there parallels to this list in the ANE? What does this list tell us about the nature of Solomon’s “kingdom”?

Hosts: Kyle and Chris

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Resource: See Koert’s ARTICLE “The Situation is More Complicated: Archaeology and Text in the Historical Reconstruction of the Iron Age IIA Southern Levant.”

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  1. A Jones

    Very interesting podcast, thanks. One part puzzles me however. Around 16 mins in Koert van Bekkum begins to discuss names which begin “Ben” and one of you (sorry I am not sure who it was) asserts that they cannot have been actual names because “no-one is called son of someone else”. But there are many examples of Biblical names which begin “Ben” but not from the father’s name, such as Benjamin son of Jacob whose name means “son of my right hand” (Gen 35:18) or 2 Kings 13:3 “… Hazael king of Aram and his son Ben-hadad…” or even earlier in the passage under discussion, 1Ki4:4 “Benaiah son of Jehoiada”. Am I missing something? My Hebrew is not good enough to know whether they are plausible as names. Interestingly, the Septuagint translates Ben-Hur as a name in its own right, Βενώρ, but the rest as son of, υιός.

    Sorry to be commenting on a podcast from last year, but I only recently was recommended your podcasts so am listening to some of the back catalogue.

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