Speaker: Dru Johnson

  • Garrick Allen – Manuscripts and All that other Stuff on the Page (Paratexts)

    Episode: Dru Johnson talks with Garrick Allen about his ongoing research project to investigate the paratexts of biblical manuscripts, how these help us to understand reception and biblical theologies, and […]

  • Esau McCaulley – Reading While Black

    Dru's discussion with Dr. Esau McCaulley spans across matters of biblical theology, NT interpretation, the hermeneutics of the Black Church in America, and how his own biography has played into his scholarship. Reading While Black is a forceful and encouraging message to the Black Church that McCaulley has written so that non-Black readers can listen in and learn. Sho Baraka's blurb captures this book well for the OnScript audience: “Esau McCaulley is untying the Gordian knot that has kept Black Christians bound to theological ultimatums. This is a book for theologians who hope to play outside the trite sandboxes of their seminaries and for the practitioners who find themselves in need of a Black lexicon."

  • Erin Heim – Resurrection and the #metoo movement (part II)

    Episode: Erin Heim and Dru Johnson discuss part II of Erin’s paper “Resurrection and the #MeToo Movement,” which is part of a larger project that Erin is working on as […]

  • A.J. Culp – Memoir of Moses

    How is memory made and maintained in a community? Moreover, how can a community remember something they never witnessed? A. J. Culp walks us through recent turns in memory theory to explore how Deuteronomy, as a piece of literature, instantiates and reifies memory in Israel. We address misconceptions of memory as individualistic, how literature can form memory, and the use of memory for social identity. For Christians and Jews, the implications for their tradition's rituals and sacraments are manifest.

  • Jaco Gericke – A Philosophical Theology of the Old Testament

    How should we read the Old Testament? Is there only one valid interpretation or a plurality of interpretations? If the latter, then how do we maintain intellectual humility and find valid methods for addressing the texts of Scripture? For a first-ever joint episode with the Center for Hebraic Thought, Dru talks to Dr. Jaco Gericke of North-West University, South Africa about his journey to philosophical theology, and some of his current research, particularly his recent book, A Philosophical Theology of the Old Testament: A historical, experimental, comparative and analytic perspective. Along the way, they discuss atheism, the necessity of bringing a philosophical perspective to biblical studies, developing reliable methods for reading Scripture, and even some terrible jokes.

  • Erin Heim with Dru Johnson – Resurrection and the #MeToo Movement (Part 1)

    Episode: Erin Heim and Dru Johnson discuss Erin’s paper “Resurrection and the #MeToo Movement,” which is part of a larger project that Erin is working on as she wrestles theologically […]

  • James Diamond – Jewish Theology Unbound

    Episode: Dru Johnson talks with Jim Diamond about his long term project of thinking theologically with the biblical authors. Through close readings of key biblical texts and Jewish sages, Diamond […]

  • Dru Johnson interviews Matt Lynch

    Episode: In this week’s episode co-host Dru Johnson interviews co-host Matt Lynch, and there’s a surprise mystery guest! Guest: Matt Lynch is Academic Dean and Lecturer in Old Testament at Westminster Theological […]

  • SBL Special Report! An Inbetwepisode

    In this episode, Dru interviews scholars and publishers at the book tables and receptions at the annual meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature (which also includes the American Academy of Religion, Institute for Biblical Research, American Schools of Oriental Research, and more!). Order of appearance: Robin "the rain in Spain" Parry (Wipf & Stock) Marc Cortez (Wheaton) Rodrigo de Sousa (Faculté Jean Calvin) Nijay Gupta (George Fox University) John Anthony Dunne (Bethel Seminary) Jesse Myers/Miles Custis (Lexham Press) Ela Lazarewicz-Wyrzykowska (Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology) Heath Thomas (Oklahoma Baptist University) Mary Katharine Hom (Independent Scholar/OnScript regular) Anne-Marie Ellithorpe (Vancouver School of Theology)

  • Dru Johnson – Human Rites

    This week's ep features a public talk from OnScript's Dru Johnson on his recent book Human Rites: The Power of Rituals, Habits, and Sacraments  (Eerdmans, 2018). Special thanks to Christ Church Jerusalem who recorded this event, and let us re-post it here. Enjoy!If you like this episode: Check out our original episode with Dru (before he was a host) on his book Knowledge by Ritual, and Dru's interview with Jonathan Pennington.



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