Speaker: Dru Johnson

  • Chris Seglenieks – Johannine Belief and Graeco-Roman Devotion

    Episode: In this episode, Dru Johnson talks with Australian scholar Christopher Seglenieks about why Greco-Roman devotion practices must be included in discussions about “faith” and “belief” in the Johannine corpus. […]

  • Christian Eberhart – The Sacrifice of Jesus

    Episode: What was the sacrifice of Jesus for the NT Jewish authors? A barbaric execution? A violent bloodletting of a scapegoat? Christian Eberhart claims that the NT authors did not conceive […]

  • Mark Scarlata – The World of Leviticus

    Episode: Leviticus might be the only book in the Bible that many Christians will openly and casually admit that they do not like (or, it’s their “least favorite). Dru Johnson […]

  • Lisa Bowens – African American Readings of Paul

    Episode: Dru and Erin chat with Lisa Bowens about her groundbreaking work on African American reception of the Pauline epistles from the early 18th to the mid-20th century. In her book, […]

  • Bedouin Culture in the Bible – Clinton Bailey

     Episode: Dru Johnson talks with Clinton Bailey about how he ended up living with Bedouins in the Negev, their law, gender practices, and poetry. His most recent book, Bedouin […]

  • Iain Provan – On Reading the Bible Literally

    Pour yourself a wee dram of whisky and tune in as Matt and Dru talk with Iain Provan about the perils and benefits of literal(istic) interpretation of Scripture and his new book The Reformation and the Right Reading of Scripture (Baylor, 2017). In addition to some great convo, in this episode you'll witness the special guest appearance of an Eastern European thought leader, and a new edition of 'How Scottish Are You?' This is a republished episode. 

  • The Alleged Isaiah Seal – Christopher Rollston

    Episode: We discuss the alleged Isaiah Bulla (clay seal impression) with one of the finest epigraphers in the field. The seal was found by the Temple Mount in 2009 by Eilat […]

  • Matthew Lynch – Portraying Violence in the Hebrew Bible

    Dru Johnson discusses Matt's recent book Portraying Violence in the Hebrew Bible. Matt discusses ways that the Old Testament depicts the problem of violence, some of the surprising ways that biblical writers portray violence, and ways that the Old Testament challenges modern ideas about violence. Also listen to Matt fail miserably in the speed round.

  • Dru Johnson – Biblical Philosophy

    We're back with our 5th annual "Live at Nashotah House" episode! Hosts Matt Lynch and Dru Johnson discussed Dru's book Biblical Philosophy: A Hebraic Approach to the Old and New Testaments (Cambridge, 2021). Topics covered include the distinctiveness of biblical thought, Sukkot, the Gospel of Mark's emphasis on knowing, the importance of ritual and embodiment, and much more. We even have a surprise (and first-ever-on-this-podcast) display of Dru's musical talent!

  • Gene Green – Peter, The Lost Theologian

    Episode: Though Peter was the rock of the early church, why has Paul dominated New Testament scholarship? Part of the answer lies in the controversies surrounding the Gospels’ portrayals of […]

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