Speaker: Matthew Lynch

  • Wil Gafney – Womanist Midrash

    There are 111 named women in the Old Testament. But they're often unknown and ignored. In this episode Wil Gafney reintroduces us to women we thought we knew and introduces those we never knew. We discuss the sanctified imagination, Midrashic interpretation, womanist approaches to scripture, Queen mothers, army chaplaincy, and much more from her book Womanist Midrash (WJK Press).

  • John Behr – Origen and the Early Church, Pt 2

    Live from Nashotah House, WI (3rd year running), here's part 2 of our interview with Fr John Behr. Amy Brown Hughes talks with Fr John Behr about Origen and all things Patristic. In addition to more of the interview, we've got some Q&A in this episode. If you missed Part 1, visit HERE. This is a re-broadcast from 2019. 

  • John Behr – Origen and the Early Church, Pt 1

    Live from Nashotah House, WI (3rd year running), we've got a two-part interview. Amy Brown Hughes talks with Fr John Behr about Origen and all things Patristic. This episode requires theological safety gear, helmet, orange cones, ... everything. This is a rebroadcast from 2019.

  • Jeremy Schipper – Black Samson

    Episode: Biblical Samson offered a powerful way of focusing and communicating the struggle, opportunities, and challenge of life for African Americans throughout U.S. history. From the prophesies of his parents […]

  • Chris Green – Sanctifying Interpretation

    Chris Green is on the show to talk about how God is not saving us from interpretation, but through it - a process that can be "soul harrowing and purgative." Chris talks about problematic and more helpful models of Scripture and its interpretation, his appreciation for George MacDonald, approaches to troublesome texts, and we even have a brief poetry reading from the poetry collection Bigly. All these things and more await you in this one jam-packed episode on the second edition of his Sanctifying Interpretation.

  • Carmen Imes – Why Sinai Still Matters

    Episode: Carmen Imes has been on a podcast tour, and we’re thrilled that she joined us for this episode to discuss her book Bearing God’s Name: Why Sinai Still Matters. We […]

  • Christopher Hays – Isaiah and Assyria

    Christopher B. Hays sits down with Matt Lynch to discuss one of the most important and hotly contested sections of Isaiah. Among the only Old Testament texts to mention resurrection from the dead, Isaiah 24-27 have long perplexed and intrigued biblical scholars. In this episode, we talk all things Isaiah, corn whisky, colonizing Mars, and other important subjects related to Chris' recent book "The Origins of Isaiah 24-27."

  • Sandra Richter – Stewards of Eden

    Episode: Environmental lawyer Gus Speth said, “I used to think that the top environmental problems were biodiversity loss, ecosystem collapse, and climate change. I thought that thirty years of good science […]

  • Nyasha Junior – Reimagining Hagar: Blackness and the Bible

    Episode: Nyasha Junior is back on the show to discuss her new book Reimagining Hagar: Blackness and the Bible. Matt Lynch hosts a discussion on race, ethnicity, and color in biblical […]

  • Christian Hofreiter – Making Sense of Old Testament Genocide

    Episode: In this re-run of a 2018 episode, Matt Lynch interviews Christian Hofreiter (RZIM) on one of the most vexed issues in biblical studies … genocide in the Old Testament. […]



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