Speaker: Matthew Lynch

  • Gary Schnittjer – Old Testament Use of the Old Testament

    Matt Lynch speaks with his former professor and friend Gary Schnittjer about his massive new book on the Old Testament's use of the Old Testament. They talk about exegetical updates to earlier texts, the rich networks of quotation and re-use that cluster around certain texts, and the ways that Gary's work on the OT use of the OT shapes his understanding of what the New Testament is doing.

  • Caryn Reeder – Family Violence in the Bible

    Episode: The prospect of stoning a rebellious son or adulterer, or turning over an unorthodox brother or sister for execution is revolting. But how should a Jewish or Christian believer […]

  • Matthew Lynch – Portraying Violence in the Hebrew Bible

    Dru Johnson discusses Matt's recent book Portraying Violence in the Hebrew Bible. Matt discusses ways that the Old Testament depicts the problem of violence, some of the surprising ways that biblical writers portray violence, and ways that the Old Testament challenges modern ideas about violence. Also listen to Matt fail miserably in the speed round.

  • Special Announcement! On Verse

    OnScript is launching a new podcast! Welcome to On Verse, a podcast that explores the intersections of biblical and contemporary poetry. This podcast is hosted by Brent Strawn of Duke Divinity School, and is produced by Keith Willis. Season 1 launches soon!

  • Digging Up Israel’s Past – Cynthia Shafer-Elliott

    Episode: We’re going back to the dirt in this episode with Cynthia Shafer-Elliott. We talk about bee hives, the Daniel diet, Ezekiel bread, gender & archaeology, and why Cynthia is willing […]

  • Dru Johnson – Biblical Philosophy

    We're back with our 5th annual "Live at Nashotah House" episode! Hosts Matt Lynch and Dru Johnson discussed Dru's book Biblical Philosophy: A Hebraic Approach to the Old and New Testaments (Cambridge, 2021). Topics covered include the distinctiveness of biblical thought, Sukkot, the Gospel of Mark's emphasis on knowing, the importance of ritual and embodiment, and much more. We even have a surprise (and first-ever-on-this-podcast) display of Dru's musical talent!

  • Bruce Hindmarsh – The Spirit of Evangelicalism

    This episode is designed to help Evangelicals, especially North American Evangelicals, to get out of their own heads. Bruce Hindmarsh traces the contours of early Evangelicalism as it emerged in Britain and America, and discusses how that historical perspective on Evangelicalism's "spirit" can help shape our interpretation of this present moment.

  • Lies My Preacher Told Me – Brent Strawn

    Episode: Brent Strawn is back for the 3rd time to discuss his new book on mistruths about the Old Testament. Discussion covers everything from divine violence and wrath, to the […]

  • Brittany Wilson – The Embodied God

    Does God have a body? Did the New Testament writers think that God has a body? Brittany Wilson says, Yes! Her study of Luke-Acts challenges assumptions that God is inherently invisible and incorporeal, and draws multiple lines of connection between images of an embodied God from the Old Testament and similar images in the New Testament. This wide-ranging and engaging conversation draws from Wilson's groundbreaking new book The Embodied God (OUP, 2021).

  • Dominick Hernández – Pathways to Wisdom

    Episode: Proverbs is one of the most misunderstood books in the Old Testament. It’s often treated as a self-help guide or as a collection of promises. Dominick Hernández challenges us […]

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