Speaker: Matthew Lynch

  • Mari Joerstad – The Hebrew Bible and Environmental Ethics

    Episode: Trees are people too! While this claim may come as a surprise to many listeners, it’s familiar territory for biblical authors. Trees, mountains, skies, plants … all of these bear […]

  • Ervine Sheblatzm – Paul’s Theology of Universalism

    Episode: Paul’s missionary travels stopped in Rome, but is that where they should end? Dr. Ervine Sheblatzm is back on the show to give a firm “Nein!” Listen to a fascinating […]

  • Bethany Sollereder – God, Evolution, and Animal Suffering

    Episode: Was there death and violence before the Fall? Was there cancer before? Did lions go after gazelles before the Fall? Bethany Sollereder says yes, yes, and yes. So what, […]

  • Lucy Peppiatt – Paul on Women’s Subordination (1 Cor 11)

    Episode: This episode covers Paul, m/f, hermeneutics, theology, and all the things. Lucy Peppiatt helps us think through the challenging issues at play in 1 Corinthians 11, territory we covered […]

  • Ben Witherington III & Jason Myers – Views on Paul

    Episode: In this episode, Jason A. Myers and Ben Witherington III will help orient you to some of the major perspectives on Paul within contemporary New Testament scholarship. Tune in for […]

  • Mark and Luke Glanville – Refuge Reimagined

    Episode: Mark and Luke Glanville bring their unique areas of expertise in biblical studies and international relations to bear on the pressing global refugee crisis. This episode covers everything from […]

  • Wil Gafney – Womanist Midrash

    There are 111 named women in the Old Testament. But they're often unknown and ignored. In this episode Wil Gafney reintroduces us to women we thought we knew and introduces those we never knew. We discuss the sanctified imagination, Midrashic interpretation, womanist approaches to scripture, Queen mothers, army chaplaincy, and much more from her book Womanist Midrash (WJK Press).

  • John Behr – Origen and the Early Church, Pt 2

    Live from Nashotah House, WI (3rd year running), here's part 2 of our interview with Fr John Behr. Amy Brown Hughes talks with Fr John Behr about Origen and all things Patristic. In addition to more of the interview, we've got some Q&A in this episode. If you missed Part 1, visit HERE. This is a re-broadcast from 2019. 

  • John Behr – Origen and the Early Church, Pt 1

    Live from Nashotah House, WI (3rd year running), we've got a two-part interview. Amy Brown Hughes talks with Fr John Behr about Origen and all things Patristic. This episode requires theological safety gear, helmet, orange cones, ... everything. This is a rebroadcast from 2019.

  • Jeremy Schipper – Black Samson

    Episode: Biblical Samson offered a powerful way of focusing and communicating the struggle, opportunities, and challenge of life for African Americans throughout U.S. history. From the prophesies of his parents […]



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