Speaker: Matthew Lynch

  • Bruce Hindmarsh – The Spirit of Evangelicalism

    This episode is designed to help Evangelicals, especially North American Evangelicals, to get out of their own heads. Bruce Hindmarsh traces the contours of early Evangelicalism as it emerged in Britain and America, and discusses how that historical perspective on Evangelicalism's "spirit" can help shape our interpretation of this present moment.

  • Lies My Preacher Told Me – Brent Strawn

    Episode: Brent Strawn is back for the 3rd time to discuss his new book on mistruths about the Old Testament. Discussion covers everything from divine violence and wrath, to the […]

  • Brittany Wilson – The Embodied God

    Does God have a body? Did the New Testament writers think that God has a body? Brittany Wilson says, Yes! Her study of Luke-Acts challenges assumptions that God is inherently invisible and incorporeal, and draws multiple lines of connection between images of an embodied God from the Old Testament and similar images in the New Testament. This wide-ranging and engaging conversation draws from Wilson's groundbreaking new book The Embodied God (OUP, 2021).

  • Dominick Hernández – Pathways to Wisdom

    Episode: Proverbs is one of the most misunderstood books in the Old Testament. It’s often treated as a self-help guide or as a collection of promises. Dominick Hernández challenges us […]

  • Walter Brueggemann – Exodus and Liberation

    Walter Brueggemann is on the show to talk about his life as a biblical scholar, as well as his recent book Delivered Out of Empire - Pivotal Moments in the Book of Exodus (WJK Press, 2021).

  • Biblical World Podcast – Coming Soon!

    Announcement! OnScript is launching a new podcast focused on the history, archaeology, culture, and geography of the Bible. Hosted by Chris McKinny, Lynn Cohick, Oliver Hersey, Kyle Keimer, Mary Buck, […]

  • J. Todd Billings – The End of the Christian Life

    Episode: Christians in the West go to great lengths to avoid direct contact with death, and as a result of this death avoidance, we avoid the hope and fullness of […]

  • Mari Joerstad – The Hebrew Bible and Environmental Ethics

    Episode: Trees are people too! While this claim may come as a surprise to many listeners, it’s familiar territory for biblical authors. Trees, mountains, skies, plants … all of these bear […]

  • Ervine Sheblatzm – Paul’s Theology of Universalism

    Episode: Paul’s missionary travels stopped in Rome, but is that where they should end? Dr. Ervine Sheblatzm is back on the show to give a firm “Nein!” Listen to a fascinating […]

  • Bethany Sollereder – God, Evolution, and Animal Suffering

    Episode: Was there death and violence before the Fall? Was there cancer before? Did lions go after gazelles before the Fall? Bethany Sollereder says yes, yes, and yes. So what, […]

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